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Who knew that the mandatory deduction of union dues from government employee paychecks equals the front of the bus?

Legislators don’t wear robes, nor are their symbols blindfolded. Americans indulge partisan politics in lieu of anarchy, tyranny and/or continual armed combat. In 1776, we chose self-government over the arbitrary rule of a king, which arbitrariness is no less so when exercised by judicial oligarchs. In 1789 We the People ratified a Constitution that assigned “all legislative powers” to Congress, none to the judicial branch.

Yet, today in the Badger State, the Rule of Law meant to be secured by our Revolution, hangs in the balance of the recount of an election for a seat on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin in which the Democratic Party candidate (Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg) winked and nodded promises to be the Public Service Employee Union’s Super Legislator even as she sought to don the neutral black robe behind a sightless respecter of persons/non-union recognizing Lady Justice.

How did we get to this point of the political seduction of judges tempted to make law?

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The post-Vernal Equinox view of all things legal, political and sporting from Stone Mountain of Georgia, co-starring Cockstradamus from The Azores…

First, sporting antidotes to the Obama Recession at War

John Calipari, Kentucky’s junior college-transfer genius, prevailed over Ohio State upperclassmen in the defining game of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Clearly, the Wildcats will prevail in the Final Four, but will it be Arizona or Kentucky? Cockstradamus says…Arizona. (We picked the Buckeyes three months ago, and on our bracket, to win the national championship, before this loss.)

As a card-carrying member of the dead-tree media and USC alumnus, I have tri-annually received the Fighting Gamecocks’ baseball, football and men’s basketball media guides for the past two decades. I now hold in my hands memorialized proof of the end of the 1801 Chicken Curse.

For the first time, a media guide celebrates the previous year’s National Championship won by a Fighting Gamecock’s team.  South Carolina defeated UCLA in last year’s College World Series. This weekend the now 4th-ranked Gamecocks lead the current #1-ranked Florida Gators, 1-0 in a crucial early-season 3-game SEC series.

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