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This is the eighth annual Braves-Gamecock Ode-to-Leonard’s-Losers College Football Kickoff column.


Before addressing yesterday’s whitewash (albeit welcome, given recent alternatives) of elitist amateurism’s latest unconstitutional restriction of an adult U.S. citizen’s right to sell his own private property, let us preview the first week of the 2013 college football season which kicks off this evening when my beloved Carolina Fighting Gamecocks host Research Triangle (north of the Carolina border) Tar Heels in Columbia, S.C. (which Andrew Jackson said is separated from Hell by only a screen door). Continue reading

braves-gamecockCockstradamus says this will be the year when USC (founded 1801) finally wins their first SEC Championship Game (on Pearl Harbor Day, 2013) in the Georgia Dome (Crimson Tide will probably have to fumble late in the fourth quarter), Atlanta wins the fourth World Series in Braves franchise history and Arthur Blank’s Falcons win their second NFC championship (thus punching the ticket to their first NFL championship win in Super Bowl XLVIII on Groundhog Day, 2014).

These events will make Mike DeVine Law Gamecock a very happy rooster and be good for America, but I digress.

But before next week’s annual Braves-Gamecock preview** of the annual religious services known as College Football Saturdays, let us address the A-Rod/PED issue before the Yankees are inevitably and mathematically eliminated from the MLB playoffs.
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How war and want concentrates the mind on what matters most, ten years on

We miss our loved ones that died of natural causes before that Day and we well remember The Day America’s idyllic vacation from history ended as seminal even as we suffer under economic depression.

Many can’t afford Le Seuer peas, but this generic brand consumer still loves life and thanks God for the Texan that kept more alive when murderous Islamist evil visited our shores. In the wake of the Towers’ fall, the memory of Gore-ish multiple personalities faded for a time, as even Democrats saw the need for Daddy.

But President George W. Bush-driven safety and prosperity returned and with it Florida’s bloody shirt and late 90s WMD-amnesia, majority Democratic Party congressional votes for the War in Iraq notwithstanding. While the aroma of death still defined Ground Zero, it was self evident that Saddam could not taunt us from his safe terrorist state. But soon (albeit, after a certain Texan was re-elected Commander-on-Cheif) the aroma of Utopian Hope and Change animated and suddenly, keeping America free from Sea to Shining Sea took a back seat.

Last week, the son of Doris Kearnes Goodwin bemoaned that it was, ” too bad there had been no call (from President Bush) to all Americans to sacrifice and for unity? In the BushLied Era?

Maybe they wanted to practice the forced sacrifice of the American Dream in exchange for a Democratic Congress, TARP (Senator Obama voted for it and the two last budgets forced on Bush, which kind of puts what President Obama inherited into perspective, no?) ObamaCare and the stimulation of Labor Union dues for Democrats in Food Stamp Nation.

Life after September 11, 2001 and before the end of Great Depression II

But life goes on for those of us that remain. Before 911, we lost loved ones and it still hurts. Before there was an America to save from the liberals, there were 5000 years of history and a Christ that died for all lives. And as important as America and its standard of living are, the main point of all this is about us, each human being, and God.


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Fifth annual Braves-Gamecock Ode to the late radio pigskin prognosticator, Leonard Postero aka “Leonard Postosties” of Athens, Georgia that thanks God for: the return of college football; the mostly non-rushing but still enjoyable NFL version of same; and the Vernal Equinox-induced cooler weather.

This year we begin our coverage with the vacation-delayed 4th Quarter of the 2011 ABL (Ain’t Bean Ball League) championship game, scheduled for Thursday, September 8 in Washington, D.C. as the Boehner Non-Filters are smoking theObama Zeros, 20-0.

The Non-Filters jumped out to an early lead when Tea Partier returned the opening kick-off all the way and found Paul Ryan in the end zone. Boehner missed both extra points.

Debt ceiling defense dominated the 3rd Quarter before Obama fumbled the snap from Martha’s Vineyard while trying to hand off to Joint Session. Boehner returned it for the third Non-Filter TD and converted the two-point try on an end around Rush Limbaugh version of the Statue of Liberty play.

Irene and Sloth made the field unplayable for days, during which time the Zeros lost a challenge to Non-Filters’ title to the Capitol Hill House Chamber site for the resumption and finish of the contest, so dependent is Obama on “clearing the field” to score.

Leonard’s Loser: Obama Zeros (Cockstradamus, pictured below, prognostication arrived from his Azores Sabbatical retreat in 2009)

The Wildcats of Arizona launch Week Two of the NCAA season by legally crossing the Oklahoma border to lose to the 9th-ranked Cowboys of Oklahoma State.


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The post-Vernal Equinox view of all things legal, political and sporting from Stone Mountain of Georgia, co-starring Cockstradamus from The Azores…

First, sporting antidotes to the Obama Recession at War

John Calipari, Kentucky’s junior college-transfer genius, prevailed over Ohio State upperclassmen in the defining game of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Clearly, the Wildcats will prevail in the Final Four, but will it be Arizona or Kentucky? Cockstradamus says…Arizona. (We picked the Buckeyes three months ago, and on our bracket, to win the national championship, before this loss.)

As a card-carrying member of the dead-tree media and USC alumnus, I have tri-annually received the Fighting Gamecocks’ baseball, football and men’s basketball media guides for the past two decades. I now hold in my hands memorialized proof of the end of the 1801 Chicken Curse.

For the first time, a media guide celebrates the previous year’s National Championship won by a Fighting Gamecock’s team.  South Carolina defeated UCLA in last year’s College World Series. This weekend the now 4th-ranked Gamecocks lead the current #1-ranked Florida Gators, 1-0 in a crucial early-season 3-game SEC series.

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