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If only Democrats celebrated non-government, non-union and non-Obama-crony labor on non-Labor Days.

labor force participation rate 2007-2013

Five Labor Days after the housing bubble burst in the Fall of 2008 and Democrats’ February 2009 passage of President Barack Hussein Obama’s signature American Recovery and Reinvestment (“stimulus”) Act, less Americans hold jobs this Labor Day than were employed when he was first inaugurated at Noon, January 20, 2009. Long-term unemployment remains the highest since WWII, U-6 underemployment rates remain at Great Depression era levels and the highest percentage of jobs today are part-time than at any time in U.S. history. Continue reading

Conservative Republican policies work best for the poor, middle class and Liberty-based happiness pursuits for all

An exchange with a close friend, self-described as a “bleeding heart” who is “sure” President Barack Obama will be re-elected, inspired the eponymous section of this column discussed further below, but first let’s address concerns of conservatives who delivered the historic 2010 GOP mid-term election landslide that may be disillusioned by the emergence of Mitt Romney as the likely nominee of the Republican Party after the failures of Cain, Bachmann and Perry to continue the tea partier takeover.

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Caring for the poor is always defined by support for the latest Democratic Party proposal

During my teen and young adult Democratic Party activism years in the 70s and 80s, the number one scare tactic used by the party to scare widows and orphans, i.e. the poor,  was their claim that if Republicans controlled the government, they would “take away your checks”. Ronald Reagan, famously asserted his support for a safety net for the “truly needy” and despite several periods of exclusive GOP control of the executive and legislative branches over the last 30 years, the safety net remains intact.

And yet, the Democratic Party mantra against Republicans as having a lack of concern for the poor has continued unabated with the goalposts continually being moved to re-define caring as support for the latest liberal Democrat proposal, whether it be Stimulus, ObamaCare or mortgage bailout bills.

Enter Mitt Romney:

“I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich…. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.”

Translation: We agree with the Democratic Party. Our concern for the very poor has been satisfied by the welfare state they have constructed and if we must spend more money to expand that safety net to show we care about the poor, we will.

Mitt makes many mistakes with this statement and one of  the mistakes is in thinking that Republicans can ever satisfy the Democrats on the issue of caring for the poor. We can’t. Why? Because their concern is in buying the votes of the poor by keeping them dependent on government and creating more poor people to be dependent on them.

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First, let me say that I don’t have a favorite among those left. I don’t like any of them much at all. However, I have noticed a tendency in voters to forgive some character flaws over others.

Newt Gingrich comes with a lot of baggage. Everybody knows it. It has been aired for a number of years. Yet, people can’t forgive him even when he asks for forgiveness. The thing they can’t seem to forgive is his multiple marraiges. That’s okay, but it’s not the only character flaw that determines if a person will stay true to his word in other matters.

Mitt Romney has a lot of baggage; more than people realize along with a ruthlessness about how he deals with competition that looks like it might win over him. Not mention his perpetual campaign that began in 2007 and has not ceased since.  In addition to that ruthlessness, he can’t seem to stay on one side of an issue; any issue. Some call him the Flipper but it’s worse than that. He often reminds me of those blow bop dolls that kids like to punch. The doll reels backward, forward, and to the sides before it finally rights itself, ready for the next punch only to repeat the cycle. Once we can finally sort out where he actually stands on an issue, there is still his ruthlessness against his opponents to consider. Remember Fred Thompson? Here’s what the Romney camp for 08 did to Fred Thompson, in Thompson’s own words:

[…] Days after I got into the presidential race in 2007, I was greeted with a website, “,” described in the media at the time as an “anti Fred Thompson smear site.” You couldn’t really tell who was behind it, but we learned of it from the Democratic National Committee, which made ample use of it. We assumed that they had created it. However, a reporter at the Washington Post (of all people) decided to find out who was behind the site. After a lot of effort, she traced it to an executive of TTS Strategies, a South Carolina consulting firm run by J. Warren Tompkins, one of the most notorious hardball political operatives in the country.

Politicians of opposing campaigns were known to get the “Warren Treatment.” He ran Bush’s 1980 campaign, in which anonymous flyers and telephone calls accused John McCain of fathering an illegitimate black child.

In 2007, he was running Mitt Romney’s campaign in South Carolina, where Mitt was behind the rest of us in the polls. Of course, when confronted, both Tompkins and Mitt were “shocked” to learn that a rogue employee (who ran Tompkins’s office) was running such a website (out of the office), and the site was taken down immediately. One of the more benign and amusing things the site accused me of was being a “flip flopper.” I kid you not. […]


Do read the rest of the article. The part quoted is near the end of the article which is mainly about Herman Cain. Like Fred, I don’t know if Romney’s campaign was behind the torpedoing of Cain(whom I did support) but it does remind one of what Romney is capable of. Now that Gingrich has somewhat burst Romney’s bubble of inevitablitiy, it will be interesting going forward.

By the way, Santorum has a lot of baggage, too. Google Santorum scandals and you’ll see. I won’t spend a lot of time on him because he doesn’t seem to be getting much traction after Iowa. So does Ron Paul. Google him, too.

It does remind one of the old cliche about living in glass houses and throwing stones.

But character flaws should be expected. These men are only human, after all. There is no perfect human being save one who died for our sins and sins we still commit. Depending on our worldview some sins are worse than others, though God nor Christ ever differentiated between one or another.

Fred’s article about Cain does make one wonder about things when Romney chose the very same firm that torpedoed Fred to manage his campaign again this time around (emphasis mine).

[…]”We knew coming here that Romney would have a bull’s-eye on his back but now it’s the size of the Target sign,” said J. Warren Tompkins, a South Carolina GOP strategist advising Romney’s campaign. “You’ve got to worry about that. We’ve got to survive here, but if you do the probability of getting the nomination is pretty good.” […]

I’m not exactly advocating for either Gingrich, Paul, or Santorum over Romney but neither am I discounting them just because the media wants Romney. Given that the ‘inevitability bubble’ has burst, this primary season could get real interesting if we stop this selective forgiveness some their transgressions while beating up others for theirs. Hopefully, if we can manage to do that, we can have the least of the leasser evils that have been foisted upon us.

Our native state teaches the now Stone Mountain of Georgia-roosted gamecock a personal lesson: Newt is acceptable



Mike DeVine Law Gamecock is humbled.


That so many voters that have earned my respect for so many years have chosen to support Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney convinces me that Mitt is not so much better than Newt, that a vote for the former Speaker is not acceptable. Newt is a worthy fighter… and the crow and humble pie ordered herehere and here… needed more sugar and salt, respectively, thank you very much.


I still plan to vote for Mitt on Super Tuesday, but I don’t dismiss the primary voters of my native home state lightly. If Newt can give up the vague Bain Capital attacks and show mature discipline over the next months, he can win my enthusiastic support for the nomination and, of course, in the general election.

Romney ought to have to prove himself worthy to bear the mantle of the Party of Lincoln and Reagan as much as Gingrich ought.


May the best man win, I will be open to the idea that we need a street fighter just now, and …much more later…


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Palmetto State poised for pragmatic pick over preening vulture anti-capitalists

South Carolinians have seen too many shuttered textile plants never visited by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital to fall for Newt-Perry slurs that blame the buyers of companies already failing due to the internal policies of the sellers or external policies of governments.

Vultures eat the dead. Bain, under Romney, saved jobs worth saving in the private sector (unlike the now government motors taxpayer -funded welfare “jobs” saved by President Barack Obama at a loss) by salvaging the identifiable living and the profits earned saved and created jobs, sight unseen:

The problem with the entire discussion is that jobs are being used as the only measure of the “good” done by Romney. Profits are also good as they allow companies to grow and as they return capital to investors who can then fund the creation or growth of other companies. Indeed, despite our being surrounded by Keynesian-thinking politicians who believe that nothing is as important as consumers having spending money, the indirect benefits to society of profits to investors are arguably at least as large as the indirect benefits of employment.

We have to assume that conservative movement leaders like the former Speaker of the House and a twice re-elected governor of the Lone (jobs-producing in the 21st Century so far) Star State are familiar with the the economic fundamentals that define free market capitalism and that constitutes the foundation of modern day American conservatism. Hence this2000 conservative epiphany-defined gamecock’s disdain for Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry when they launched their respective efforts in my native home state by hurling the “vulture capitalist” epithet at the successful former CEO of Bain Capital and related companies, savior of the post-911 Salt Lake City olympics, and balancer of Bay State budgets.

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Mitt’s free market capitalism brand is the best bet to drink at an Obama re-election denial tea party

The depths of Great Depression II and the historic 2010 tea partier conservative-driven Republican Party mid-term landslide encouraged dreams of a Reagan-like 2012 GOP nominee to retire President Barack Obama to a resumption of his autobiographical writing career.

The crashing sounds of Bachmann’s looseness with the facts, Cain’s knowledge gaps and Perry’s non-creative vulture mis-sighting-destruction awoke this South Carolina gamecock from Utopian REM eye-battings to the reality of imperfect choices absent Gippers and Silent Cals.

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The 29% ceiling on Romney’s support was erected by him, not Southern Evangelicals

Bachmanns and Perrys come and Bachmanns and Perrys go, but Mitt never gets the leftovers, no matter how much he raises Cain. And don’t be fooled by the recent semantic flap over “Christians” and “cults”. Even Reverend Jeffressadmitted that he would vote for Mormon Romney over Christian President Barack Obama.

Religion is the least of Mitt’s problems with all Republican voters

No, the former Governor of the Bay State’s problem with Evangelicals, North and South and non-Evangelicals across the Fruited Plain is a matter of trust on conservative issues of mostly an economic variety.

For the record, this Southern Baptist Carolina Gamecock roosted atop Stone Mountain of Georgia supported Mitt Romney as far back as 2007, before and after Fred Thompson’s cameo appearance and think he would be a great President that all Americans would be proud of.

Here’s why:

  • Character? Check. The husband of one wife and father’s family right out of Norman Rockwell’s portfolio could probably rival the Father of our Country in having never told a lie nor chopped down a cherry tree.
  • Competence? Check. Profits are the “Bain” of his business existence.
  • National Security hawk? Check. He kept Salt Lake City Olympians safe after 911.
  • Social Issue conversion believable? Check. He’s a Mormon. Yes, he pandered for Massachusetts soccer mom votes, but we consider his post-fetal tissue embryos as trash pro-life epiphany to be genuine.
  • Debating whiz? Its self evident.

Unfortunately, absent bona fide conservative policies, none of the above will cure what ails America. Laws must be changed in specific ways to lower the debt, balance the budget and but quickly to save the USA from a future as Greece being bitch-slapped by China.

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