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Democrats more interested in disarming the law-abiding, seizing more power than reducing gun violence

There has been a drastic reduction in crime in the united States over the past 40 years, including violent crime, with and without assault weapons bans, primarily due to demographics and tougher sentencing. An aging population commits less crime. Americans reacted against the lax, criminal-coddling liberal Democrat laws and Supreme Court rulings of the late 1960s and early 1970s with more copy cats of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s tough anti-crime tactics than of hip hop gangstas.

Result, reductions in crime so drastic that while Chicago was awash with murders relative to the rest of the nation in 2012 with 532, that number is nearly half those committed in the Windy City every year of the early 70s.

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This past week in the wake of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Lee Loughner (that killed six people and wounded nine others–including the congresswoman), the mainstream/liberal media instantly pounced on “the violent rhetoric” by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party as the cause of Loughner’s mad shooting spree. Oh, and they did this within half an hour of the victims being shot, before any of the facts of the case had come in. To be specific, the likes of Andrew Sullivan (he of “Trig Truther” fame), Markos Moulitsas, Matthew Yeglesias, Paul Krugman, The New York Times Editorial Board and just about everyone at MSNBC immediately implied that “right-wing rhetoric”, and specifically Sarah Palin, were accessories to this tragedy. In fact, Markos Moulitsas even went so far as to tweet out “Mission Accomplished Sarah Palin” immediately after the shooting, and blamed her based an obscure map that she had put out almost year ago on her Facebook page “targeting” certain districts for the 2010 election. To quote Alex Knepper, according to liberals, “Guns don’t kill people, Sarah Palin’s metaphors do”. (See an image of her Facebook map below.)

Except that it didn’t take conservative bloggers long to learn that the Democrats had put up a similar “target” map in 2009 (before Palin did) stating which Republicans they wanted to “target” for opposing the now infamous stimulus bill. Continue reading

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