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Propose a 2012 balanced budget or lesser spending cuts that prevent the need for incurring debt that would exceed the current debt ceiling.

To advance anything less is to engage in a cynical game of chicken that betrays the trust conferred by the serious tea partiers that made the current GOP House majority.

Gamecock generally opposes games of “chicken”

For the record, this rooster opposed ever directly using the issue of the debt ceiling vote to achieve the  massive spending cuts, envisioned by the recent wave election, needed to avert another financial crisis. We favored a selective shutdown of the federal government in the likely event that President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) would reject the will We the People concerning the 2011 non-budget.

We were confident that a contest between the rejected policies of ObamaDems and the desires of the voters. Our confidence was only raised when the Commander-in-Chief made a pre-emptive strike against the armed forces by promising not to pay them as “essential” workers in case of a shutdown and instead promised to violate the 13th Amendment’s prohibition against involuntary servitude by making them work without pay so that Planned non-Parent(abortion)hood can continue to use federal funds.

Sadly, Speaker John Boehner, half the newly elected tea partiers and enough Democrats saw to it that we would have to settle for millions in cuts, instead of billions (albeit a puny amount); but not to worry our heroes assured us, as they will be fighting for trillions over the 2012 Ryan budget.

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