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Republicans need to get over their historical aversion to playing the “moral card” against the Democratic Party.

Remember the budget debate last Spring when the Commander-in-Chief held our Armed Forces hostage to federal funding for abortion-provider Planned Parenthood? President Barack Obama and his Democrat Senate majority declared that unless the Republican House majority continued to fund that organization, he would force a government shutdown during which he would deem soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to be “non-essential government employees” he would press into involuntary servitude without pay.

The All-American morality of Obama’s unemployed food stamp nation

Summertime now finds President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats as arbiters of all that is moral and “American” in the present budget battle over the raising of the debt ceiling:

In his opening remarks, speaking on the current Congressional budget negotiations, President Obama framed the battle as a matter of making “the tough choices,” and posed a question:

“Do we retain tax breaks for the owners of corporate jets and oil companies making hundreds of billions of dollars at the cost of cutting food safety, college scholarships, medical research or medical care for our most vulnerable?”

The President later added, in response to a question from a reporter, that “food safety may be compromised” if the GOP fails to come to an agreement on tax breaks…

And I’ve said to some of the Republican leaders, you go talk to your constituents, the Republican constituents, and ask them are they willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break.

As far as we know, parenthood-planning abortions do not take place on corporate jets, but I digress.

The sun rises in the east, the sun sets in the west, Democrats accuse Republicans of not caring for the vulnerable and Republicans politely disagree with their “honorable” Democrat friends. Were the President’s press secretary and Vice President honorable last week:

CHIP REID, CBS NEWS: “This weekend, when the Vice President was laying out all the things that you have to do and how much — when he said you have to ask those who are struggling in this economy to bear the burden and let the most fortunate among us off the hook, he said that borders on being immoral. Does the President agree with that?”

JAY CARNEY, WH PRESS SEC: “Why, I think he does. Yes.”

Its worse than just that Obama, Carney, Clyburn (GOP is un-American”) and Schumer dishonorably lie.  Its worse than that every Democrat was a hypocritical supporter of the corporate jet tax subsidy now held up as proof of immorality. Its even worse than that they and their media friends always define “caring” as being for whatever particular spending increase Democrats are for at the moment. Its even worse than if the Democrats are actually the ones that are immoral and un-American in their hearts.

Let them eat moral “caring” or corporate jet hatred tastes great?

What is worse are the actual results of Democrat economic policies in their effects on kid’s safety, the elderly and the poor.

From the best we can gather President Obama’s and his minion’s attacks on Republicans as putting kid’s safety at risk is  based either on the GOP’s proposal to cut approximately 10% from the Department of Agriculture’s budget or his own veiled threat to use the discretion he would have in the event of a failure to raise the debt ceiling to prioritize spending.

As in the event of a government shutdown when only Obama would have the power to pay David Axelrod before General Petreaus and the troops, the President would be the only party responsible if debt service is not paid to bondholders. Bondholders know this. Bondholders know that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would always have enough cash on hand from corporate jet owners to pay all of our interest payments.

But that same discretion also gives the Chief Executive the power to choose not to pay DOA food inspectors and thus shut down Big Agriculture. President Obama seems to be like the man on the ledge threatening suicide that would be blamed on those that don’t meet his demands. A “Stop me before I kill again” strategy?

Democrats think We the People are that stupid in their echo chamber that has already forgotten the GOP wave election landslide of 2010 but remember how a “present” voting community organizer was trusted with the nukes over John McCain.

Chattel slavery was immoral. So are job-killing policies that inflate food and energy prices. Say so!

The Grand Old Party was created for the purpose of making the moral case against slavery and its mostly Democratic Party apologists in a nation that declared its independence 235 years ago yesterday, based upon the proposition that all men are created equal.

Republicans now need to return to their underdog-championing roots to make the moral case against life, liberty and happiness pursuit deprivations born of the failed policies of their same old nemesis.

Are kids safer today than they were three years ago? Are kids safer now than when President Bill Clinton’s government spent far less on food inspections? Are the elderly cared for more by a party that wants no change to the existing unsustainable Medicare program?

No, no and no, and the GOP should say so.

Democrats that live to raise taxes on “the rich” always argue that they only want to raise rates back to the level during the Clinton (they always forget the role of the GOP congress) Boom 90s.

Yet, shouldn’t that logic also apply to Clinton era level spending? The fact is that the only logic the Democrats use is based on how many voters they can keep fooling that they care about anything other than their own hold on power and what they mean by morality.

Is it moral to pursue skyrocketing energy prices? Is it “American” to pretend all of America’s ills can be cured by taxing the “rich” owners of corporate jets? Who knew that my $250,000/year Dry Cleaner could fly me and grandma to Gamecock football games sans TSA underwear inspections? Does the Chinese Buffet guy also have a Cessna in his backyard?

Do kids, the elderly, the poor and the unemployed deem class warfare rhetoric more moral and preferable to actual safety, actual health care and a job?


Do ObamaDems deem recovery immoral?

Would that it were only the kids and grandmothers of corporate jet owners that suffer under ObamaDems. One in five American males have no job to go to on this day after America’s 235th birthday. Are they celebrating how much Obama cares for them today? What of those one in seven Americans on food stamps? Do they prefer dependence on Obama for crumbs over the Reagan Recovery boom times? Did they feel less cared for when unemployment averaged 5% under President George W. Bush and more cared for under Obama’s 9% unemployment stimulus?

Can we eat Obama’s “care”? No and we can’t make $15/hour drilling for oil with his “care” either.

Much more of ObamaDem all-American moral caring and the only people with jobs in this country that can afford Le Seuer peas over the generic store brand will be able to fit on just a few corporate jets owned by tax-payer funded GE, SEIU and the United Auto Workers.

Does America want another five years of this Democrat Party-style caring so that we can feel as cared for as did those unemployed millions that listened to reassuring fireside chats for eight years before Pearl Harbor? But at least our too-busy-to-meet-with-Boehner and McConnell dear leader killed Osama bin Laden. Thank God sharks in the Indian Ocean had a happy meal.

Much more of Obama’s caring and we won’t have to worry about the safety of food kid’s parents can’t afford.

This former Democrat left that party due to the results of Reaganite policies that defined the American Way out of poverty. We had had enough Democrat moral superiority to choke on our own rhetoric while inspecting human hearts to win victim-dependent votes.

Americans want their all-American lives, liberty and pursuits of happiness back. Save the care rankings for the real Messiah on Judgement Day. Get rid of the fake Messiah next Election Day.

Mike DeVine

Legal Editor – The Minority Report

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist for

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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