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Labor Day

If only Democrats celebrated non-government, non-union and non-Obama-crony labor on non-Labor Days.

labor force participation rate 2007-2013

Five Labor Days after the housing bubble burst in the Fall of 2008 and Democrats’ February 2009 passage of President Barack Hussein Obama’s signature American Recovery and Reinvestment (“stimulus”) Act, less Americans hold jobs this Labor Day than were employed when he was first inaugurated at Noon, January 20, 2009. Long-term unemployment remains the highest since WWII, U-6 underemployment rates remain at Great Depression era levels and the highest percentage of jobs today are part-time than at any time in U.S. history. Continue reading

Less government union Labor per Day, please

The original meanings of many American national holidays, including tomorrow’s The holiday celebrating labor was originally celebrated on a Tuesday, but with its and other holiday’s removal to Mondays, the celebration of leisure, and especially the three-day weekend variety for federal employees, now rules the day.

Most Americans will be thankful that President Barack Obama and his fellow Administration rulers will take 24 hours off from promulgating new guidelines to “properly” direct our happiness pursuits, but if idleness defines the day for employed government bureaucrats, then over 25 million underemployed Americans and their families (50 million or 16.7% of Americans impacted directly) have been “celebrating” this day for three years, thus dwarfing even the 12 days of Christmas.

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Labor Day as a national holiday should be abolished


It hurts this proud son and grandson of former Southern Railway Carmen’s union members and former union lawyer to say this, especially given how I benefited personally from the gains of that particular union.  But that doesn’t justify taxpayer subsidies for federal employees, although I certainly think all Americans benefit the less work gets done by bureaucrats, but I digress.

I would be in favor of a new holiday commemorating a return of the right to labor in pursuit of happiness after we defeat the ObamaDems and get rid of the laws and regulations they have imposed on anyone that dares to create job not first approved of by the NLRB and EPA.  Then again, such a celebration would be redundant given that we already celebrate Independence Day. However, can anyone seriously argue that King George restricted our inalienable rights more than President Barack Obama and the Democrats?

I think not.


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