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I have a Dream Speech

Civil rights hero and long-time Democrat elected to represent the City of Atlanta in the U.S. House, Rep. John Lewis says he is “still” Marching on Washington, 50 years later. On Wednesday’s 50th anniversary, the first African-American President of the United States will commemorate the historic event with remarks from the same spot at the Lincoln Memorial where black baptist Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.


But the District of Columbia and nation President Obama will look out upon on August 18, 2013 bears no resemblance to the “Southern” city of Washington and country MLK addressed five decades ago.

In South Carolina, the great-grandchildren of the authors of secession and Fort Sumter (including their Democrat Governor Ernest Hollings) had only recently raised the Confederate battle flag atop its State House to protest school desegregation orders issued by federal courts. But after King’s speech inspired Democrat President Lyndon Johnson to give up his previous opposition and join Republicans in Congress to pass the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, de jure racial discrimination by government against blacks eventually came to an end. Continue reading

This conservative’s heart bleeds with Rush’s for the victims of the Democratic Party’s race-based policies.

I often ask blacks that I meet and get to know that still cling to the notion that most whites are racists; that most of Blacks problems are due to racist whites; and that they have a right to be liked by all white people…to join us. Join whites that walk out of the house everyday to a world that doesn’t like them very much either. Join us in the human race to try and build a good life of prosperity that is only possible if government shrinks from its control of our lives.


This former Democrat was won over to Rush while still a Democrat and still nearly ten years away from my eventual 2000 conservative epiphany due initially to his utter refutation of the notion that conservatives are racists. He epitomizes not only the perfect example of MLK’s content of character dream, but also the utterly Christian concept of how precious is each individual.


Couldn’t resist posting an example of the Wonder of Rush:

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