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bush-obama-2This month and next mark the fifth anniversaries of the Housing Bust-caused financial crisis that led to TARP and other Fat Cat-bailouts and the election of the purveyor of Obamanomics.

Next month also marks the seventh anniversary of the Election of 2006 that returned Democrats to power in the House for four years and in the Senate for six years and counting that have, along with President Barack Obama, delivered to us:  Obamacare, a non-Stimulus, Dodd-Frank, and a War on Coal and other affordable energy. Continue reading

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it. Someone else said “All that needs to happen for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

In the Election of 2010, tea partiers and conservatives sent the loudest message associated with the Grand Old Party of Lincoln since 1948. Hence, the aversion to nominating another McCain Establishment-type named Mitt Romney as the Republican Party standard bearer to replace President Barack Obama after next year’s election.

That aversion is so strong that even the man that lead the GOP out of a forty year Mosaic-like exodus from control of the House of Representatives was an afterthought when the campaign began several months ago.

Sadly, those with the best tea partier credentials in the race have proven such great disappointments that master debater Newt Gingrich now stands as the leading anti-Romney front-runner, despite his numerous non-conservative machinations (Attack on J.C. Watts, embrace of Jesse Jackson, Era of Reagan is over, Cap and trade Pelosi partnership, Paul Ryan as right-wing social engineer, etc ad infinitum) that have accumulated since his ascension to the Speakership in 1995.

That Newt rose to his present lofty poll positions in Iowa and nationally despite the above, even before the revelations of his Freddie Mac ties were revealed, is a testament to just how stark have been the flaws exposed in Michelle Bachmann(reckless with the facts), Rick Perry (foot-in-mouth disease) and Herman Cain (gaps in knowledge).

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