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No president could have fixed the inherited mess in just four years and this President wants to stay inside Washington where, by his own admission, he can’t fix it? See also private sector, that didn’t build itself, is doing fine.

The story should have been the courage of Daniel aka Paul Ryan to venture into the Lion’s Den aka AARP aka just another faction of the Democratic Party mob. Instead, the faction of the Dem Party mob known as the Mainstream Press spun the story as more “evidence” that the Romney/Ryan ticket has alienated senior citizens on their way to sure defeat against the Obama/Biden ticket on Election Day 2012:

Republican vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., was booed Friday at the AARP convention in New Orleans for advocating the repeal of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

You have just read the entire CBS News website “coverage” of the Ryan speech. Reminds of election seasons past when September presidents Mondale and Dukakis dispatched Reagan and Bush41 and Carter was re-elected to a second term with the Middle East ablaze.

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I guess the private sector was doing fine then too, since the poor got to hear periodic fireside chats on the latest anti-business experiment

Last night during his indoor speech accepting the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party in Charlotte, we finally got the non-Hope & Change truth from Barack Obama:

And the truth is, it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. It will require common effort, shared responsibility, and the kind of bold, persistent experimentation that Franklin Roosevelt pursued during the only crisis worse than this one.

First former Democrat President Bill Clinton, and now, current Democrat President Barack Obama tell us it turns out it was impossible for any president’s policies to restore the economy to an acceptable level in “just” 3-4 years. Never mind Obama’s promises that the Stimulus bill would prevent unemployment from ever reaching 8%. He discovered only later that the matters were worse than he thought before his Inauguration.

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America has never been a “you’re on your own, winner take all” society

By most accounts, former President Bill Clinton delivered a rousing speech last night in Charlotte nominating President Barack Obama for re-election at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton summed up the choice Americans will face on Election Day, thusly:

“The most important question is, what kind of country do you want to live in? If you want a you’re-on-your-own, winner-take-all society, you should support the Republican ticket. If you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility — a we’re-all-in-this-together society — you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.”

Sound familiar? It should, because its the same Big Lie that Democrats have espoused about Republicans for all of my sentient life, and for decades before. Yet, despite similar warnings of the venal intent of the Party of Lincoln, the Welfare State remains securely intact despite long periods of Republican control of the federal government. Moreover, you will search the GOP Party Platform as well as the speeches, votes, and policy actions of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in vain for any evidence that they favor any significant weakening of the federal safety net for the truly needy, much less a “you’re on your own, winner take all society.”

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But didn’t Democrat Obama inherit “the mess” from Republican Bush and haven’t congressional Republicans obstructed Obama’s recovery agenda?

This is how a Democratic Party, with no Gene McCarthy (pictured), feels compelled to frame re-election issues given a failed incumbent with no record of popular achievements to run on. At least LBJ declined to run and Ted Kennedy challenged Carter in 1980, but I digress.

It is apparent that the main message of this week’s Democratic National Convention from David Axelrod to Bill Clinton, and President Barack Obama himself, will not be to ask Americans if they are better off than they were four years ago. Too few can answer that Reaganesque inquiry in the affirmative. Instead, President Obama will insist that he inherited a crisis solely of the Republicans’ making, single-handedly prevented a second Great Depression, was prevented from implementing Democratic policies that would foster a robust recovery by the Republicans; and that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Republicans generally are rich, racists, sexists, bigots and homophobes that don’t care about Medicare, the elderly, the disabled and the poor.

George Will recently described Obama’s message as a perpetual alibi, since he was the first Chief Executive to inherit an imperfect world. But what exactly did the 44th President of the United States inherit, and from whom?

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God got the last laugh over Sarah and Abraham’s firstborn. Republicans will get the last laugh in Tampa.

Before the formation of the patriarchal tropical storm supposedly headed for bays near Tampa, the broadcast network television branch of the Democratic Party made Ann Romney the latest victim of their real war on women. Her speech, originally scheduled for the first night of the Republican National Convention there on Monday, would not be covered due to reduced network coverage of both major party conventions.

No problem. The wife of the man to be nominated to take on President Barack Obama on Election Day will speak tonight. ABC, NBC and CBS collectively laughed and discovered the next possible Katrina II and employed him, despite his Jewish name meaning “laughter”, as the latest device to divert attention from the empty spaces in voters’ wallets and any possible connection to the liberal economic policies of their fellow liberal Democrats.

The first Isaac-related line of defense against the appearance of modern Republican women bemoaning their non-free contraception suffering under Obama was the threat that Ishmael’s younger brother would hit Tampa Bay. When, “all of a sudden”, TS Isaac “changed” course and headed for the Crescent City (seriously, do political appointees populate those that issue press releases for NOAA?, but I digress), Plan B (sex-change) Isaac-as-Katrina kicked in.

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Gamecocks kick off college football next week, McCaskill loses hope next month and hope returns to America on November 6

From his ongoing sabbatical in the Azores…

When last we crowed from our autonomous, volcanic Portuguese isle, we accurately prognosticated South Carolina’s school season-record 11th football win over Cornhuskers in Orlando; another mythical Division 1A national championship for the SEC; USC’s trip to the College World Series in Omaha to defend their two consecutive NCAA baseball national championships; and that the winner of Florida’s primary would be the GOP nominee. Still outstanding: Obama will not be re-elected and the GOP will win at least 50 seats in the U.S. Senate.

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Bill, Hillary and Barack: Unacceptably liberal peas in rotten Democrat pod


The only split in the patronage party is over who runs it, not their shared failed policy goals

Question: Does Bill Clinton help Republican chances more when he praises Romney’s “sterling” record at Bain Capital and argues for extending the Bush tax cuts for just one more year or when he backtracks after trips to the Michelle/AxlerodChicago Way woodshed?

Given the elected Democrats turned Bain defenders, including former President Clinton, together with his additional jabs at Obama’s spending, debt and a double dip recession-in-the-making, Republicans are invited to believe there is a split in the party of FDR and the New Deal coalition? Why, because the last president re-elected as a Democrat bears a grudge against an “amateur” that beat his wife in 2008? Because given the LBJ Medicare/Obama Obamacare, yet failed presidencies, paradigm, by all rights Barack should have declined the 2012 nomination and cleared the way for Hillary?

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Even Samuel Wurzelbacher couldn’t plug leaks from this Vice President’s pipes

Occupy White House aka Obama-Biden Forward 2012 began week three of its campaign to save America from Bain Capital’s former CEO by trashing the relevance of “private equity” and plumbing experience to presidential job requirements and qualifications:

“Your job as president is to promote the common good. That doesn’t mean the private-equity guys are bad guys. They’re not,” Biden said at New Hampshire’s Keene State College. “But that no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber. And, by the way, there’re an awful lot of smart plumbers. All kidding aside, it’s not the same job requirement.”

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has argued that his business experience makes him best suited to fix the economy and create jobs. Vice President Biden’s remarks echo President Barack Obama’s recent dismissalof profit-making ability in carrying out a president’s job to “make sure everyone has a fair shot.”

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