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GuillotinecrowdToday is not French Independence Day. Rather, it’s a celebration of the July 14, 1789 storming and destruction of a symbol of a monarchy that France restored only a few decades later after the Jacobin mobs so turned on every faction of their society, including themselves, that only a Napoleon could stanch the flow of domestic guillotine blood with that from foreign wars.

No, Bastille Day 2014 is the celebration of an atheistic mob-dependent liberalism best preserved and represented in the modern world by the Democratic Party in the United States under President Barack Obama. France would be better off commemorating their alliances with American Doughboys in WWI and Patton’s Fifth Army in WWII and the teamwork of Lotto-Belisol yesterday that has native son Tony Gallopin wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour de France today, than to once again glorify a day that ushered in only murder and misery worse than under the ancien regime its revolution overthrew.

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Do the Constitution’s separation of powers and concomitant duty to compromise apply to all presidents save for President Obama?


Few things enrage this rooster more than to have our intelligence insulted by vacuous ¬†excuses for cowardice from those who know better, yet expect political allies to share their glazed-over looks and accept them as reasoned arguments. So it goes on Sunday political shows and The (Fox News, Special Report) Panel where usually reliable conservatives dismiss, out of hand, the notion that Republicans holding Article I’s power-of-the-purse could force the holder of mere Article II veto-power to compromise on Obamacare to prevent a government shutdown.

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If only Democrats celebrated non-government, non-union and non-Obama-crony labor on non-Labor Days.

labor force participation rate 2007-2013

Five Labor Days after the housing bubble burst in the Fall of 2008 and Democrats’ February 2009 passage of President Barack Hussein Obama’s signature American Recovery and Reinvestment (“stimulus”) Act, less Americans hold jobs this Labor Day than were employed when he was first inaugurated at Noon, January 20, 2009. Long-term unemployment remains the highest since WWII, U-6 underemployment rates remain at Great Depression era levels and the highest percentage of jobs today are part-time than at any time in U.S. history. Continue reading

Not. Why not just increase student loans, keep tuition high, blame Republicans for not caring about the poor and middle class priced out of an education because they won’t increase student loans even more, and keep the high salaries for the Democrats in academia?

File the above with other headlines you never see, such as:

  • Labor unions voluntarily reduce pay to save company
  • Government employees voluntarily increase their contributions to pension fund to prevent tax increase
  • Teachers voluntarily agree to end tenure and adopt merit pay plan
  • Democrats agree to cut non-defense spending

Democrats constantly demonize “Big Oil”, “Big¬†Pharmaceutical” and Big Business in general and tilt at other faux man-made global warming aka “climate change” windmills such as Republicans as racist, bigot, homophobes that want widows and orphans to starve in the streets rather than prove they “care” by supporting the latest Democrat-sponsored bill. And we fully expect September or October surprises that would “bail out” Sallie Mae and debt-burdened students much like Dodd-Frank bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and let them continue their business and serve as employment agency for rejected and retiring Democrat pols.

Could we please, finally, hold democrats accountable for the failure of their policies?

How many more cities and states run by Democrats for decades have to reach the Detroit stage of a return of city limits territory to pasture status before voters will quote Sheriff Andy Griffith’s deputy Barney Fife and say fool me for decades, shame on me; and join the tea partier reversal that began with the 2010 election landslide for conservatives?

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