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Contrary to the tunnel vision one-note wonders of sports talk media, it wasn’t the Marcus Lattimores and/or Jadeveon Clowneys that defeated their SEC rival Georgia the last three years and their in-state arch rival Clemson for the last four years. No, it was The USC, founded 1801, Fighting Gamecocks.


That’s right, not the Bush Heisman-forfeiting, perennially-on-probation, 1880-founded prophylactic-Southern Cal Trojan brand of whippersnappers that gave us The Juice (before he retired from The Bills to take up murder in L.A.). Rather, it was the Steve Spurrier-coached Palmetto State variety that has gone 11-2 the past two seasons despite annual injuries to the now NFL draft-departed Lattimore; and who also defeated their Tar Heel border-rivals in last week’s season opener despite a mostly sickening performance from their gastronomically-challenged Clowney that Dawgs Coach Mark Richt declared the best football player on Planet Earth (no apologies to Adrian Peterson or J.J. Watt).

Who knew that my Carolina Gamecocks had, not just another defensive end, but at least nine other players who could tackle Research Triangles despite the tar on their heels? Continue reading

This is the eighth annual Braves-Gamecock Ode-to-Leonard’s-Losers College Football Kickoff column.


Before addressing yesterday’s whitewash (albeit welcome, given recent alternatives) of elitist amateurism’s latest unconstitutional restriction of an adult U.S. citizen’s right to sell his own private property, let us preview the first week of the 2013 college football season which kicks off this evening when my beloved Carolina Fighting Gamecocks host Research Triangle (north of the Carolina border) Tar Heels in Columbia, S.C. (which Andrew Jackson said is separated from Hell by only a screen door). Continue reading

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