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braves-gamecockCockstradamus says this will be the year when USC (founded 1801) finally wins their first SEC Championship Game (on Pearl Harbor Day, 2013) in the Georgia Dome (Crimson Tide will probably have to fumble late in the fourth quarter), Atlanta wins the fourth World Series in Braves franchise history and Arthur Blank’s Falcons win their second NFC championship (thus punching the ticket to their first NFL championship win in Super Bowl XLVIII on Groundhog Day, 2014).

These events will make Mike DeVine Law Gamecock a very happy rooster and be good for America, but I digress.

But before next week’s annual Braves-Gamecock preview** of the annual religious services known as College Football Saturdays, let us address the A-Rod/PED issue before the Yankees are inevitably and mathematically eliminated from the MLB playoffs.
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that crime in America is down, but too many in state and federal governments wouldn’t know a crime if billy club-wielding New Black Panthers intimidated white voters outside of a polling booth on election days. But just let an election registrar ask a black person for a photo ID before they vote for sheriff and the “return of Jim Crow” is at hand, according to a former President of the United States and faux civil rights “leaders.”

Moreover, the current President of the United States has even deemed the police as criminals when they questioned a man trying to jimmy his way into a Harvard professor’s house. Only a “Beer Summit” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue got Barack Obama’s mind right about such crime-identification stupidity.

Into this milieu comes the just released FBI’s Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report which finds Metro Atlanta crime rates generally down in the first six months of 2011 as compared to the first half of 2010.

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