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Apparently, the President of the United States is afraid of him. While the “I won” comment is making its rounds across the blogosphere to the rest of the world, there was more than that to the story.

President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

“You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done,” he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.

Has anyone pointed out to the President that Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host? To have the most powerful man in the nation afraid of him might make some people feel pretty good but I have a feeling that Rush will find it hilariously immature.

Did I mention Limbaugh’s a talk show host? It’s his job to do what he does. That’s what he gets paid to do. If people are listening to him, it must be because he has something to say worth listening to. Perhaps if the President were less concerned with trashing the dignity of the office to which he were elected and listened to some Rush himself, he wouldn’t be using such immature comments in strong-arm Chicago-thug style tactics to get his way.

Did I mention Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host? I’m sure I have. Aside from the fact that he’s usually right and revels in being right, he’s paid really to entertain us, which he does admirably. The humor makes the bitter pill of reality goes down easier.

Kind of reminds me of that line in “Indpendence Day” when Connie was reading the papers with bad press against the President, played by Bill Pullman, when she read, “… needed a warrior but elected a boy.” The similarity ends there, however, because we have elected a boy, whereas Pullman showed the right stuff, via acting, when it was necessary.

One hopes that the boy matures quickly or it’s going to be a very rough four years. He needs to start with refreshing his memory on the actual meaning of bipartisanship. Such would not include descriptors indicating fear of a TALK SHOW HOST or the words, “I won.” Bipartisanship would include reasoned and respectful debate on differences to reach a compromise, something the Democrats never gave Bush for his entire eight years but expect as their due because “they won.”

Sore losers, poorer winners. Indeed, it seems as if the Democrats in majority are bent on retribution and vengeance for their previous losses than working for the good of the nation. Okay, if that’s the way they want to use their power, that’s what they can do, but any Republican with an ounce of self-respect will not be on board with it. Don’t give them an out to blame Republicans for their failures. Make the Democrats own their legislation in every way.

From a comic strip came this great pearl of wisdom: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Comic… strip… Get it? It’s time the Democrats took responsibility for their agenda rather than finding willing scapegoats upon which to place the blame for failures.

Between comic strips and talk show hosts, one wonders how anyone is expected to take the Democrats seriously.

Two articles sum up nicely how I feel about the coming four years:

First up:

What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them – that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.”

Barack Obama,

inaugural address

TO borrow from H.L. Mencken, the cynics are still right nine times out of 10.

What President Obama’s rhetoric fails to acknowledge is that most political disagreements are real. They’re rooted in competing interests, conflicting values and differing judgments.

While transcendent rhetoric can get one through a campaign and even a transition, the real challenges of governing won’t simply wither away from decrepitude:[…]

 Second, there’s this:

I Pledge to Ridicule Celebrities Who Refuse to Recognize We Are At War With People Who Want to Kill Them, Too

Just because Obama billed himself as a messiah, just because he promises miracles, just because he promises anything, doesn’t make those promises a reality nor does it make political differences go away. Those will always be with us.

To those ordering us to shut up and not criticize TheOne, I ask: Why? Poltical differences didn’t suddenly just melt away. Bush was criticized by both the right and the left and dissent is patriotic. Even as we grit our teeth to vote for McCain, we dissented and criticized; loudly at times. What is not patriotic is to dissent for dissension’s sake rather than the good of a nation.

We are told we should “give him a chance.” Those saying such never define what they mean by the phrase although you get the feeling that we shouldn’t disagree with TheOne from other things that have been said and there’s another feeling mixed in with the first that if we criticize we might bring dire consequences upon ourselves, a la Joe the Plumber, while those hinting at such are touting the virtues of free speech protected through our Constitutional Bill of  Rights.

In addition, I’d like to remind those who think that Bush is to blame for every failure that ever has been since before his first term, that Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks, et al. were there long before Bush and will apparently be there long after Bush. Sometimes they had the majority. Sometimes they didn’t. They were there nonetheless and privy to everything that went on during those times.

People are still arguing the timeline of 9/11 as happening on Bush’s watch suddenly forget that the plot was five years in the making. Of that 5 years, most of it was Clinton’s watch and Berger stole classified documents that may or may not have shed light on the issue.

Those Hollywood celebrities pledging to help Obama’s administration really don’t think with a full brain. Those who would kill regular Americans would kill the celebrities first along with the gays and lesbians. There is no such peace dialogue that will bring lasting peace because it’s not in the opposition’s midset.

I don’t remember exactly where I learned but it was from multiple sources, including old history courses but  learned a long time ago that Islamic Jihad agression will only go away when the people partaking of it are completely annihilated. It’s sad to comtemplate but it is the way it is. For the western world, the Crusades have been over for centuries. For the Islamic world they are never over. Every cease fire between Israel and Hamas, Hezebolleh, or other terrorist faction, only delays another conflict long enough for the losing side to regroup and begin again.  One might wish it isn’t so but that’s the reality. You have no idea how many times I’ve wished it isn’t so.

Today is the day to vote for or against English Only here in Tennessee. I’ve listened to the arguments on both sides and neither side “gets it” completely. Putting illegal immigration aside in this issue, there are still some relevant arguments. I can see the one side wanting to facillitate goodwill but not much else they have to say is all that crucial. One argument was foreign exchange students which, in my opinion, is a blatant lie. You see, foreign exchange students are required to take a test, TOEFL, to provide evidence that they are competent in the language before allowed to take college courses.

On the other side is the assimilation issue. If you want people to assimilate you don’t isolate them by facillitating such isolation. If you want them to learn the language of the country they have to immerse. This is something I learned teaching ESL, English as a Second Language. Whe first offered the opportunity, I initially declined because I don’t know any other language and had long forgotten my high school Spanish. I was told that made me ideal because it forces the students to work harder to communicate and they learn faster.

Is there an easy answer? Not really but you can bet that every individual has his or her own opinoins on the matter so we’ll see what happens after the voting closes.

So, you see, political differences haven’t suddenly melted away with the messiah’s election nor will they. And that’s only the least of the issues that were promised to be made disappear. So, don’t expect a rose garden for the new president. Lofty rhetoric takes one only so far. His actions will determine the rest.

Human Events tells us that McCain is now blaming his loss on Rush Limbaugh… and Conservatism. Nice of him to finally admit he’s not a conservative, which is tantamount to admitting he’s not a Reaganite, either. Of course, he lost because of Conservatism but whose fault is that? The Conservatives’ or McCain’s?

When there is little difference between the presidential candidates and there is a historic opportunity, which do you choose? The same same, or the opportunity? No, I’m not caving to Obama’s agenda, but there’s a part of me that knew it was a crapshoot with McCain as to whether he would or not. The thing that bothered me most was how many people voted for Obama because of the color of his skin, not his policies. All things considered, I suppose it doesn’t matter very much with the candidate we had on the so-called right.

What bothers me most right now, as far as conservatives and conservatism, is how many of us are contemplating or have contemplated leaving the Republican party. Larrey Anderson at American Thinker has the best answer upon which to base your decision.

[…]I will make my position clear from the outset. A divorce by conservatives from the GOP would be a disaster for all of the parties involved. Just like most marriages, the grass may look greener on the other side of the fence — but it almost always isn’t. This is true for the GOP and for conservatives.
The “big tent” speeches may be staple rhetoric of the GOP hierarchy; but, if conservatives pack up and leave, the GOP will be a big empty tent. (This mass migration would include the growing number of black and Hispanic conservatives in the GOP. These good hard working people are in the GOP because they understand and live by conservative principles — not because they are part of some equal opportunity RNC scheme.)

Intelligent people do not choose a party affiliation because of the color of their skin. They choose it because it reflects their ideals. The GOP needs to understand, and it needs to understand this soon, that there is no Republican Party without conservatives — and conservatives need to start acting on this fact. […]

 I, for one, am tired of being a doormat whether it’s to the forces of “Big Tent” Republicanism or the demands of liberals that we all “come together” now that they’re in charge… in spite of the fact that every dissent we have against their agenda is still bashed, and bashed, and bashed. There’s no discussion, just a continual assault on our persons and dignity.

Like many other conservatives, I hope Obama fails. For this, it’s been brought up the Golden Rule and a whole chapter of Matthew… from people who don’t even believe in the Bible so busy are they worshipping at the shrine of Obama. What they don’t realize is that they’re ordering us to go against the very teachings with which they try to corral us. I used to try to explain that but they never listened so I gave up trying and just contiue with my dissent… which is another thing they use to beat us with. For 8 years we heard that dissent is the highest form of patriotism but now, it’s just… mean and nasty and hypocritical.

Even if McCain had won, conservatives would not be quietly submissive yes-people. We’d fight just as hard against his wrong headed ideas as we will Obama’s. The left doesn’t get that because, for them, we must conform to celebrate diversity.

So, no, I will not sit quietly and cheer Obama and his agenda on simply because he’s a historic president. No, I will not give in to the Republicans’ “Big Tent” ideology. No, I will not forsake conservatism for an easy fix that never fixes anything, only delays the inevitable.

For my own reminiscing of the Bush presidency, one of the most humorous insults hurled at him was “cowboy.” For him, me, and quite probably some others, it’s a compliment. How many can you apply to our new president?

We all know at least one person who meddles in everybody else’s business… and we hate them. There are any number of reasons why we hate them but the most frequent answer to such a question as why is we are adults, not children, and can handle our own lives just fine without interference.

Movies over the years have been filled with such people as meddling mothers or mothers-in-law and their characters are the ones we love to hate. It’s inescapable… and visceral. They tell us that our house isn’t clean enough, we don’t take care of our children properly, and we’re selfish with a litany list of offenses to prove it. When you point out some of the things they have done that were worse or similar,they deliver the caveat: it’s for your own good.

So, to keep the peace, we try to do things the way we’re told and when it all falls apart because it was never the right thing in the first place, we’re told it must be our fault that we didn’t do it right, so they meddle some more to try to “fix it.”

Did I mention we hate it? I’m sure I did.

So what does that have to do with politics, you ask?

Simply, if we hate that kind of interference in our daily lives, why did a majority of Americans elect to office a bunch of meddling mothers and mothers-in-law?

* You can’t stimulate the economy by restricting it. If you’re lucky you merely maintain the status quo. If you’re unlucky, as is usually the case, the meddlers make things worse. Propping up failing businesses that didn’t tend to the business of business, aka customer service, only closes the window of opportunity for others to do it better. Entrepeneurialship languishes in limbo in this case.

* You can’t replace existing energy with energy that hasn’t been developed yet and you can’t force it by restricting the use of existing energy resources. This is a tough one for me because I have to sound like a liberal for moment, although I mean what I say and it’s not just a heartwarming slogan. The policies the government is willing to put in place is going to kill people. The more taxes and legislation is heaped on the less people can afford. The poor and the elderly will die as they suffer for meddling. How many horror stories are we going to here in the coming years about people who died from heat stroke or overexposure because they can’t pay their utility bills to fuel their air conditioning or heaters? And those same people who would restrict these things are the same ones who began that slogan, “Bush lied, people died.” Will we then say, “Obama lied, people died” in their morally relative world? Or will we relativise it so that it’s all in a “good cause”?

*Talk is cheap. Words only mean something if they’re followed by like actions. The nation elected a talker, not a doer, to the presidency and a whole posse of talkers, not doers to Congress. That’s another thing about meddlers, they’re always telling others what to do but always have exceptions for their own persons. Most of us would call that hypocrisy if it was the mother or mother-in-law… or the nosy neighbor next door… but seem to excuse it in our government.

If the politicians want to be our leaders, they had best start by being examples, not privileged dictators. All the media buzz is about Obama’s inauguration and how much it costs. In ordinary times, how much it costs wouldn’t bother me one iota but to have a president-elect stand before the cameras and tell us how bad the economy is and how we need to cut back and sacrifice while spending 150 million on his inauguration and costing the state government more on top of that for extra security and other services provided by the state reminds me so much of the meddlers in our daily lives who enjoy telling others what to do while accepting their own excesses as merely their due. All the talk about sacrifice when unwilling to personally sacrifice just doesn’t thrill me in the least, in spite of Chris Matthews’ leg tingles.

All in all, that’s just the last of a long list of offensive acts. While political parties are scrambling to either do damage control before Obama is even sworn in or trying to find a message that syncs with the American people or wondering what went wrong that they lost, I can sum it up in one word: meddling. With all the chatter in both parties, there seems to be this rush to “do” something, anything, to “fix it.”

If you put all the meddlers of the world in one room they’d all have the same answer as to why they meddle in spite of the fact that their meddling only makes a bad situation worse: they mean well. Didn’t someone once say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”? We’re all set to be living testimonies to the truth of that euphemism. Even if one doesn’t question their intentions, the results of their meddling is still the same.

For me, the solution isn’t doing something, it’s doing nothing. If one feels something must be done, why not start with undoing some of the past meddling?  The more meddling there is, the worse things get and has been getting for decades.  When is government, mothers, mothers-in-law, and nosy neighbors going to butt out and let us be the adults we are, make our own adult decisions and live with the consequences? It used to be called Federalism or Conservatism. It needs a new name, or at the least a new descriptor: Unmeddling.

The most effective government is the one that meddles the least.

Yes, News Channel 5 is liberal biased. In spite of that, this is a good story about what not to do when you have a majority in the TN State Congress. Sundquist was being thrown out while I was still acclimating to Nashville but the stories…

Beyond Wilson’s possibly questionable behavior, electing anyone tied to Sundquist as State Comptroller is not a good move. Apparently, Sundquist was so bad he gave us Bredesen. I haven’t seen a lot of difference between Bredesen’s administration and what was said about Sundquist’s terms in office. He may well have not been a party to anything Sundquist did but that’s beside the point right now. It’s the perception of the “good ol’ boy network” stikes again. This is not clean up, it’s more of the same.

A tale of two Senators: While Democrats are quick to throw out the adjective hypocrit when it comes to politicians not of their party, I believe it’s mere projection. Nobody can top them for hypocrisy. Blago has not been convicted of anything… yet. He has been indicted. If he’s proven innocent this time in his governorship becomes a mere scandal to be swept under the rug. Yet, everyone is acting as if he’s guilty of the most heinous crimes and are refusing to certify and seat the governor’s appointee to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat, from state officials all the way to the president-elect. Other than the fact that an indicted Governor appointed Burris, there seems to be nothing really wrong with the guy.  Well, for me, it’s the fact that he’s a Democrat which has become synonymous with socialism in current times but other than that? Not much. For Chicago politicians in the great state of IL that’s saying something.

On the other hand, we have Al Franken who has “won” the senate race in MN, in spite of the massive, not only blatant but, in your face blatant voter fraud who will be welcome to the Senate with open arms by all reports.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same.

The MSM is still playing water carrier to Obama’s faults, focusing more on his fashion sense than his governing sense. Perhaps it’s because he has none. It’s hard to be a leader after having been so long in a herd. How long will they continue to make excuses for him?  I’m sure it’s tough right now after all the demands that he take over immediately following the election to find that Bush still has time in office but Obama has played along until cornered when he ultimately delivers the stock answer to that pressure: “There’s only one president at a time” after which he’ll appeal for bipartisanship from Congress. All this while on a mad hunt for celebrities to fill cabinet positions.

There seems to be a problem with celebrities lately. They’ve become their own biggest fan club if the economic woes of Hollywood are any indication. Failed movies do not a successful celebrity make. No amount of face time in front of cameras is going to change how mainstream America views celebrities, whose lives are in shambles and scandals, telling everybody else what to do.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same.

One last look back at the election since it is still being talked about, although it never became a contested election as I suspected it might. But then, we’re talking about John McCain. Since he lost, there have been any number of reasons proffered as to why; some blaming his vote for the bailout which seems to be the most popular. There were a number of reasons why John McCain lost but all of them highlight that it was the man, himself, who lost the election. He was chosen by the media to be the Republican candidate. It wasn’t until it was too late that most of Republican America realized that and began to shy away from taking the media at its word.

One moment he would say something that would have conservatives wishing to “warm up” to his candidacy. The next he would say something that pushed them away once again. If anything sums up McCain’s campaign it would be the lay definition of schizophrenia: come closer, stay away.

He was not hope and change any more than Obama was hope and change. He was simply more of the same. His actions since losing highlight that fact more poignantly than I could ever describe.

On bailouts and government “loans”: A term I hear a lot lately is: Too big to fail. Message to the world: Nothing is too big to fail. The bailouts, loans, and everything other measure taken to insure the success of failing corporations will only make a bigger failure in the end. The only way to insure business success is to allow the free market to work as it should.

When the experts talk about the economy and economic principles, government intervention, and everything else in the mix, they leave one thing out: consumers. Consumers are the driving force that insure success over the long haul. In fact they determine the ultimate success of any business. There are two branches of economics, micro and macro.

Look around at your individual life. How often do you switch optional services such as cell phone, phone company, and so on because of poor service? Customer loyalty seems to be a thing of the past and it’s not the customers’ faults. It’s the business not attending to the real business of a business. So, what’s the government doing about it? Extorting the customers for the benefit of failing businesses.

Always the focus seems to be on the macro to its detriment. Propping up failing businesses only leaves no room for entrepeneurialship: the opportunity for someone who puts the business of the business first by catering to its customers with a better product.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same and the customers aren’t buying it while they, the businesses and government deny it.

With the campaign for the RNC chairmanship I have come to realize that the category Political Integrity is an oxymoron and will henceforth delete it. There’s no such thing and never will be. Every candidate for the position, that I really like, has something wrong with them just like the ones I don’t like. At this point, I’m beginning not to care who takes the chairmanship since I’ll likely leave the party and hold myself as an independent conservative rather than be told “you have to…” by a party that doesn’t care one iota what the people think about anything.

The two party system has worked well for this country throughout history. Lately I sometimes wonder what differentiates the two when their actions don’t match their words regardless of whether it’s an R or a D. These days, no matter which party is in power, it’s just more of the same.

So, for “hump day” I thought it might be a good time to remind people that the rest of the week is just: more of the same in the political world. We either need to get used to it or do something about it.

Some would argue they are doing something about it but has anything changed as a result of what they’re doing? So, if what they’re doing isn’t doing anything why do it? Changing strategies doesn’t change the more of the same. It simply decides who is giving us more of the same. More of the same is what has gotten the country in the trouble it’s in now.

It’s been a strange weekend that culminated in some revelations; several as a matter of fact. With the world full of premises, often left unquestioned it’s very easy to find cynicism and anger taking over one’s life. That reached a crisis point, so to speak, over this weekend, as I found myself in danger of crossing that unseen line and allowing cynicism to take over my life.

Of all the mundane places for such a crisis to take place, this one happened in a grocery store. A woman in her mid to late forties came up to me and asked for some money to buy some food. I turned her away because I didn’t have any at the time because I rarely carry cash. But that’s not the real reason I turned her away. In my mind I was thinking she’s a boozer or some other form of addict and I wasn’t giving up my money to feed her habit. I went on about my business and finished my own grocery shopping and at the register, I punched in $20 over… which I didn’t really need the cash myself but thought it might come in handy for hubby to have a little cash on hand, perhaps to eat lunch at a fast food joint or something with the cold weather, perhaps buy a lottery ticket which I don’t do as often as hubby likes.

Outside the store, my path crossed that of the woman’s again. She asked again for food money. Again I turned her away with the same excuse. But then, in a split second argument with myself, I pulled out the $20 I had gotten at the register and handed it to her. She looked at it in total shock because all she was asking for was a couple of dollars. She looked dumbfounded and I suppose my own expression was pretty much the same. She stammered a thank you and turned away.

I came home and put away my groceries and went back to work on Christmas presents. I’ll scrape up a few dollars to buy some cheap toys for the grandsons (they’re easily pleased so anything of their interests will do). Last year, I made the boys housecoats. I made them a little big for growing room and they wear them every day since and they still have about another year of room in them so I went a different route this year for them. They treasure those coats because mammaw made them. One day, I suppose, like my children did before adulthood, they’ll just have to have the latest gadgets and fashions and so on but for now, it’s special when it’s made from the heart. Christmas this year will be almost totally homemade.

Given the other crises this family has experienced over the last 6 months or so, especially of the financial kind, it has become increasingly easy to become so cynical that one is unable to function the way God intended. I was in danger of this happening to me. Perhaps the money was to buy alcohol or drugs, although I doubt it. I believe the person was in real need. The story here isn’t the amount of money but taking on faith that this was a person who was in need and I chose to help when even a week ago my cynicism would have gotten the better of me. When you’re experiencing financial hardships yourself, it’s also easier to become so self-absorbed you don’t focus on anything else. I had to remember: No matter how hard things become or rough the path to something better, there are times when we need to stop and lift up somebody else to keep them going, too. Sure, I could have used the money myself in a dozen different ways but I will never be so hard up that I can’t find anything in me to give to someone else whether it’s money or simply a helping hand to lift someone up after a fall.

As a nation, we’ve become more cynical and less caring or trusting. We continually look to government to be our conscience because we just can’t take the time out of our busy busy busy lives to tend to it ourselves. Giving that $20 to the government would not have affected that woman’s life in any way except perhaps indirectly and even that unlikely. Some things demand the direct approach and it’s up to us, as individuals, to choose to act. Such things are individual actions.

Did I also tell you that the woman had an accent although she spoke English well? That should have been a big red flag, right? It wasn’t so all you libs can get your knickers out of wads now.

Mexico, among other Latin American countries, has some really archaic laws still on the books. I can see why some people are desperate enough to cross the border illegally due to those laws. However, along with those who are desperate, there are a huge number who are taking advantage of the laxity and committing heinous crimes… everything from murder to identity theft… with little fear of suffering the consquences. Commit a crime, you get deported and able to return via the same route as before, making criminal activity rather profitable if you’re not a citizen of the country in which you committed the crime.

Government is too concerned with giving away to worry about that. The big deal with immigration is also a fine line between actually helping and inviting anarchy. I have little trust that the government, as it exists at the present time, can tell the difference since it seems to be most concerned with amassing power. Just because I’m letting go some of my cynicism doesn’t mean I plan on being an “easy mark” for every bleeding heart cause somebody dreams up. Conversely, too much cynicism and distrust leads to an inability to find solutions, one way or the other.

I believe there’s an answer in compromise; helping people without “giving away the store” at the same time. Perhaps if there were stricter punishments put on the lawbreakers who commit the heinous crimes no matter how hard the country of origin protests. Perhaps if we put more pressure on the originating countries to make their own laws more equitable to their citizens. There are any number of ways this issue can be solved but it’s going to take a lot of work to bring it about in a way that is acceptable to everyone, or at least the majority. There is no pleasing everyone as some will not be happy without it being all their way.

Brush off some of the cynicism heavy on your own shoulders and perhaps we can find a way. Have more faith in the power of the people to find the way forward rather than government; that there is still good in the world and that it is up to us, again as individuals, to show it.

Someone, whose blog I read quite often has in his signature: “One man with courage can become a majority.” I believe that works as well for women. Faith will bolster courage far better than cynicism or distrust.

Craftsman in the trade for many years walks into a company answering a want ad. He fills out the application, notes his experience, and time in craft. The owner or manager looks over the application and then asks what wage are you looking for, the craftsman answers commiserate with his experience. He gets hired to fix problem construction projects, while the company continues hiring lower wage people for new and upcoming projects. 6-7 months later, once the experienced worker has gotten the low wage earners in a better state of compentency, the owner is saying he has to cut costs so he looks at the experienced higher waged worker and says, “See ya.” (He might not always be that cavalier about it but it amounts to the same thing.)

So the experienced worker goes to another company, works for a little while, then the same thing happens.

Now, as this same pattern continues to happen, the experienced worker figures out that if he wants to keep a job, he’s going to have to hire himself cheap, but that, too, creates a problem. He walks into a company, fills out the application, and goes through all the same motions he’s gone through so many times before. The interview gets to the wage part and the worker says, he’ll hire in at what Juan, Miguel, and Jose hired in at because he needs to work. Even that wage is better than unemployment. The owner has one of three reactions: either 1) the guy is a loser and isn’t worth even that much, that maybe he’s got a drug or drinking problem and is unreliable, 2) or he’s going to quit as soon as something better comes along or 3) he can’t hire such an experienced worker at that wage because it might reflect badly on the company, that maybe the general contractors will take him for a cheap S.O.B. and maybe cutting corners and not following the codes, etc.

When the worker, or somebody close to him complains about this, the first thing out of people’s mouths or comments, you must be racist or a bigot. You reply that you don’t have a problem with legal immigrants and just want an equal chance is countered with “they” just want the American Dream. And finally, they’ll talk about how hard working they are, implying that American workers aren’t. The real problem is the system is setup in such a way we can’t compete with the illegal population coming in to take the “jobs Americans won’t do.”

This same worker hasn’t spent his entire time doing just one thing and has gained skills in other things, albeit self taught, so he tries to apply for other jobs, only to be turned down because he doesn’t have certification or a degree in that field. If he doesn’t work, he doesn’t have the money to get the certification because unemployment is of finite duration and of such an amount it barely covers the necessities so the spare time is spent in endlessly looking for another job, trying to fulfill his American Dream.

I suppose, that’s the sacrifice the American worker must make, sacrifice his own dreams so others may have theirs or be called a racist or bigot when he’s simply asking for an equal opportunity to fulfill his own.

The Republican party lost me once again over this last week as the immigration issue comes to the forefront again. Since the Democrat party is of like mind on the issue, I won’t be switching parties. I think I’ll create a political party called the Disenfranchised.

Originally posted to RedState.

It’s easy to be manipulated, especially when you’re not looking for problems but are in solutions mode and are looking for gains rather than losses. Manipulators will look for the areas where you seek to gain the most and use them to hook in you in. They also sniff out your greatest fears of loss and use those to bring you into their schemes. They are so good at this you may not even be aware that it’s happening. They will play on your fear of loss and offer a way to avoid it.

Not only are you being manipulated, so is the electorate built of your constituents and theirs. They find the hot button issues, see who is most interested in them and go to work. They do this from both positions of authority or in the subordinate.

Manipulative tactics used by Democrats:

1.Charm: “we’re all in this together and though we may differ we all want what’s best,” promise of favors.

2.Silent treatment if you resist and refusal to do something that is wanted or deemed necessary until they get their way. Shutting Republicans out of committee meetings and discussions.

3.Coercion and threats to get you to do whatever it is they want done. Loading bills up with earmarks for pet projects because the initial bill is a crucial functioning of government but didn’t give them what they wanted and refusing to pass it without those earmarks; all the while complaining about the budget deficit and how much those necessary to government issues costs, i.e. the war in Iraq and other national security threats.

4.Reason: coming up with all kinds of reasons why it should be done and all the good things that will come of it and protestations they would be willing to do the same for you. Everything is almost always of noble purpose on the surface.

5.Regression. If you resist they pout, sulk, and throw tantrums.

6.Debasement: ridicule you using words that hurt such as: “you don’t care about .” We saw it with 9/11 when Bush was criticized and ridiculed for his initial response to being informed of it. Because it happened on “his watch” the fact that it was five years in the planning during Clinton’s watch was swept under the carpet. We saw it with Katrina and a host of other events. The manipulators are adept at sliding out from under responsibility for the events they set in motion or allow to happen without regard to real life consquences.

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December 2021


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