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Today mark’s the 74th anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Navy by Imperial Japan at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, shortly after which President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared December 7, 1941 a “Day of Infamy” and sought and got a congressional Declaration of War seeking “unconditional surrender.”

FDR’s (and later President Harry S. Truman’s) America mobilized and defeated not just Japan, but Hitler’s NAZI AXIS powers as well.

Over fourteen years ago, Islamist terrorists attacked the United States in New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, shortly after which President George W. Bush stood on the rubble that had been the Twin Towers and declared:

“I can hear you!” he declared. “The rest of the world hears you! And the people – and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”

They soon heard President Bush seek and get a bi-partisan Authorization to Use Military Force (essentially a declaration of war against al Qaeda, affiliates and any entity giving them aid and comfort). After Shock & Awe, Usama bin Laden was soon driven from his safe haven in Afghanistan; the Taliban was removed from power; Saddam Hussein was replaced in Iraq by a regime friendly to the U.S.; Libya unilaterally surrendered its WMD; intel from waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques used on illegal enemy combatants captured in Iraq and elsewhere was used to locate and capture UBL; and tens of thousands of terrorists trained to attack the U.S. homeland were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

There has been no second 9/11 thanks mostly to these and other actions.

Last month, the Islamic State that arose in an Iraq abandoned by President Barack Obama as part of his campaign promise to “end wars”, attacked Paris; and last week attacked San Bernardino, California. Last night President Obama spoke to the nation from the Oval Office, for only the third time of presidency, and essentially reiterated his “there’s nothing to see here but a JV team” mantra with a shift to gun control and climate change.

Obama can’t hear us and doesn’t intend to make terrorists hear us later, much less sooner. In fact, every time Islamic State hears Obama and the Democrats declare “climate change” as our number one threat, they are emboldened to kill more Americans and take more territory.

Obama started his political career in the Chicago living room of a Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers and seems determined to finish it waging war on the weather, rather than Islamist terrorists, above ground, who he pretends don’t actually exist.

Obama is no Dubya, much less a Roosevelt. What does America need? At least…

“One man with courage [who can] makes a majority [willing to fight and defeat Islamic State].” – Andrew Jackson

December 2015


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