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Illegals fleeing signBuild the Damn Fence!

DeVine Law Gamecock had a recent debate on Facebook with a liberal Democrat bemoaning my bemoaning of the reluctance of the government and media to ask for or report the immigration status and country of origin of illegal aliens convicted of crimes. LibDem said I was “seeking groups to hate”. Yes, astounded me too.

Every person on earth can’t move to the USA and we remain exceptional and certainly not exceptional enough to deter and defend against the non-benevolent Iranian mullahs, ISIS, Red Chinese and Putins of the world.

LibDem objected to any suggestion that a rape-culture exists in many Third World cultures. It does. The Left praises “multi-culturism” and so they oppose assimilation. Ours is no better than any other, they say; yet we only see foreigners coming here. There is no mass exodus of Americans away from America. LibDems are not moving to Mexico, other countries in Latin America, Vietnam or other Asian nations where the age of consent is 12 or non-existent, or where the mothers and fathers of 13 year-olds are happy when their daughter is pregnant due to her rape by an uncle. Adios America by Ann Coulter meticulously documents all of the above and more.

Eventually, the Barbarians will be at the gated communities of the Liberal Elite in the Northeast. California is already under siege, lost.

What has made America exceptional in creating wealth sufficient to make our poor the envy of all but the rich of the rest of the world, a vibrant and huge middle class with the greatest standard of living in world history and with wealth sufficient to defend and deter the evil dictators who enslave their people for military conquest, and which power we have used benevolently to free the world of Hitler and the USSR; has been the Christian idea that the lives of all people are of equal worth to God and thus under our law; Judeo Christian values of the people that make them self-restraining and thus able to handle Liberty; and separation of powers in the Constitution to restrain government from taking Liberty away. None of which in any way would allow for open borders and ignoring the immigration status of convicted criminals.

One way we stayed exceptional was by limiting immigration and having periodic moratoriums during which immigrants were assimilated to our culture, ie Melting Pot. It is clear that the pot won’t melt absent a fence, so if any candidate for president is unwilling to build a long fence on the southern border, dismiss them as not serious. Yes, some will dig tunnels or climb ladders. And? Build the damn fence and then we’ll talk.

“What our forefathers with so much difficulty secured, do not basely relinquish.” – William Bradford


August 2015


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