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Daily Archives: December 21, 2012

Could 2013 see the first GOP tea partier ambulatory duck House of Representatives, and if so, how should it deal with a Lame Obama Duck President?

Whew. Who knew that the Republican tea partier class of the 2010 landslide, after 23 months of impotence at the hands of their establishment “leadership” posing as Bob Dole-like tax collectors for the welfare state, were brewing for a Boehner-bruising as their last hurrah?

The Reagan-Newt-Dubya Republican No New Taxes brand remains intact:

[Speaker John Boehner and his fellow] House Republican leaders abruptly canceled a vote on [a] bill [to extend current tax rates only on those earning less than $1 million/year] after they failed to rally enough votes for passage in an emergency meeting about 8 p.m…The stunning turn of events in the House left the status of negotiations to head off a combination of automatic tax increases and significant federal spending cuts in disarray with little time before the start of the new year.

Americans can still read tea partier conservative lips as non-fiction, if not those of a Benghazi flu and concussion-afflicted Obama Administration’s, flapping fast and furious.

This tea partier conservative columnist bears no ill will towards the good and earnest man currently serving as Speaker of the House. We respect the desire and attempt to prevent yet another Obama Democrat attack on the poor, lower and middle-income earners, small businesses and the armed forces of the United States scheduled for New Years Day 2013. But we bemoan his apparent blindness to the motives and likely behavior of the re-elected Chief Executive and U.S. Senate in the face of a so-called fiscal cliff package of sunset laws they insisted upon during the 2011 Debt Ceiling negotiations that reflect their decades-long Democratic policy preferences, i.e. tax hikes and defense cuts.

Isn’t it time for John Boehner to resign the part of Charlie Brown to Barack Obama’s Lucy and admit that the football won’t get kicked until an honorable holder is substituted? Obviously. President Obama, especially in the wake of the electorate’s ratification of his class warfare agenda, will not (and never was going to) sign compromise legislation when by doing nothing he gets extra Christmas gifts, seven days after Christmas.

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