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Jobs recessions, anemic growth, and declining living standards don’t have to last this long in America

Who knew that the mere listing of Jim Powell’s 2003 book, FDR’s Folly: How Roosevelt and his New Deal prolonged the Great Depression, among those in a recent column chronicling literary works I have found most informative and influential to my post-matriculation economic education, would subject me to the wrath of a usually astute political observer from a neighboring state accusing me of not recognizing FDR’s relative 20th Century presidential greatness  with an ad hominem attack against the “Reagan Myth”, thrown in for good measure?

Given everything not included in my K-12 and university curricula concerning A.D. 1929-1941 (not to mention so-called Robber Barons in the 19th C. and the so-called “McCarthy Era” of the 1950s), and considering how long and severe were the Great Depression years; it would be a folly greater than any engaged in by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for a nation in A.D. 2012, immersed in dire economic circumstances rivaled in American history only by those presided over by FDR and the Democrats, for us NOT to re-visit the economic policies of the 1930s.

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Reading is fundamental, and never more so than now, given the result of the Election of 2012.

Christmas is over but discount sales have begun and its past time for a re-education in American essentials, including non-American literature that speak to the Judeo-Christian values necessary for a non-tyrannical state.

[Below are several lists of books we have found helpful in inculcating the values and principles upon with an exceptional America has rested. Many more could be added that I have read and have not read. These are the ones that I have chosen to highlight that have impacted my life.]

First, the Top Eleven non-fiction books that made possible this USC Gamecock’s Summer of 2001 conservative epiphany after 18 years of liberal Democratic Party activism:

1 – The Bible

2 – Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

3 – Witness by Whittaker Chambers

4 – Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Robert Bork

5 – Reagan’s War – Peter Schweizer

6 – Free to Choose – Milton and Rose Friedman

7 – God and Man at Yale – William F. Buckley, Jr.

8 – Reagan: A Life in Letters

9 – Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

10 – Right from the Beginning – Pat Buchanan

11 – Born Again – Charles Colson

(See also Slander, Treason, Godless and Mugged by Ann Coulter…and all of her other books. All great reference materials documenting abhorent liberal Democrat behavior and “ideas”.)

Other essential non-fiction:

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Could 2013 see the first GOP tea partier ambulatory duck House of Representatives, and if so, how should it deal with a Lame Obama Duck President?

Whew. Who knew that the Republican tea partier class of the 2010 landslide, after 23 months of impotence at the hands of their establishment “leadership” posing as Bob Dole-like tax collectors for the welfare state, were brewing for a Boehner-bruising as their last hurrah?

The Reagan-Newt-Dubya Republican No New Taxes brand remains intact:

[Speaker John Boehner and his fellow] House Republican leaders abruptly canceled a vote on [a] bill [to extend current tax rates only on those earning less than $1 million/year] after they failed to rally enough votes for passage in an emergency meeting about 8 p.m…The stunning turn of events in the House left the status of negotiations to head off a combination of automatic tax increases and significant federal spending cuts in disarray with little time before the start of the new year.

Americans can still read tea partier conservative lips as non-fiction, if not those of a Benghazi flu and concussion-afflicted Obama Administration’s, flapping fast and furious.

This tea partier conservative columnist bears no ill will towards the good and earnest man currently serving as Speaker of the House. We respect the desire and attempt to prevent yet another Obama Democrat attack on the poor, lower and middle-income earners, small businesses and the armed forces of the United States scheduled for New Years Day 2013. But we bemoan his apparent blindness to the motives and likely behavior of the re-elected Chief Executive and U.S. Senate in the face of a so-called fiscal cliff package of sunset laws they insisted upon during the 2011 Debt Ceiling negotiations that reflect their decades-long Democratic policy preferences, i.e. tax hikes and defense cuts.

Isn’t it time for John Boehner to resign the part of Charlie Brown to Barack Obama’s Lucy and admit that the football won’t get kicked until an honorable holder is substituted? Obviously. President Obama, especially in the wake of the electorate’s ratification of his class warfare agenda, will not (and never was going to) sign compromise legislation when by doing nothing he gets extra Christmas gifts, seven days after Christmas.

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S.C. tea partier diversity makes mockery of President Obama and Democratic Party’s alleged reasons for existence

The first female Indian-American governor in U.S. history today appointed the first African-American U.S. Senator in South Carolina history. Governor Nikki Haley’s appointment of the Palmetto State congressman that defeated the son of the state’s legendary Strom Thurmond in an 80%+ white district will make Tim Scott the only Black member of the U.S. Senate when it convenes in January.

That’s enough obeisance to the Mainstream media/Democratic Party myths concerning endemic Southern white tea partier racism and the supposed demographic problem of the Republican Party that prevented them from defeating Barack Obama in the Election of 2012. Let’ get to what really matters about today’s historic act:

Haley introduced Scott by saying no one could fill DeMint’s shoes, but appointing a trailblazer like Scott could show that it was a new day in South Carolina.

“The entire state understands this is the right U.S. senator,” said Haley, who became South Carolina’s first female governor in 2010.

Scott grew up in poverty in North Charleston. His parents divorced when he was 7, and he remembered his mom working 16 hours a day to support him and his brother. Scott, who is single, introduced his mother at the beginning of his speech.

But growing up with a single mother wasn’t always easy, Scott said. In high school, he was in danger of flunking out until he met the late John Moniz, a conservative entrepreneur who ran a Chick-fil-A beside the movie theater where Scott worked.

They became friends and Scott said Moniz taught him important values, like how enlightened self-interest requires giving first before reaping the reward of receiving and how growing the value of how you see yourself will make you look more important in other people’s eyes.

Scott would go on to get a degree in political science from Charleston Southern University, which is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and touts how it integrates faith into learning and serving.

Scott said he wouldn’t have agreed to be a U.S. senator if he didn’t think he could make a difference.

“The future is incredibly bright for America,” Scott said. “We have our challenges and we have things to overcome, but boy, does the future look bright in South Carolina.”

The major influences in Scott’s life: Hard working mother, a Chick-fil-A conservative entrepreneur, and Southern Baptists.  Not one mention of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or South Carolina’s Democratic Party race-baiting Congressman Jim Clyburn.

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Sen. Jim DeMint’s resignation to accept the presidency of the Heritage Foundation opens the door for Palmetto State Governor to appoint Rep. Tim Scott to replace him replacement in January.

Soon after President Barack Obama was re-elected, prominent liberals denounced those that voted against him as racist by comparing the red state/blue state divide on the electoral map of the Election of 2012 with the Union blue state/Confederacy grey state map of the 1861-1865 War Between the States. That war started when rebel forces surrounding Charleston Harbor fired on U.S. Army forces under siege at Fort Sumter.

Seven score and five years after Appomattox, the congressional district serving Charleston elected a black man to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives instead of the son of the most prominent politician in the state’s history, Strom Thurmond.

Tim Scott, re-elected in 2012, has served the First Congressional District with tea partier distinction. His availability for an historic appointment gives his South Carolina Republican Party colleague and first Indian-American woman to be elected governor of a state in the U.S. a chance to strike a major blow against the Democratic Party/Media narrative blaming Mitt Romney’s defeat on supposed GOP hostility to minorities.

The district Rep. Scott has won twice with over 65% of vote is over 80% white.

Governor Haley, vote Scott in 2013!

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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December 2012


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