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Secretary of State Clinton failed to act on an August 16 cable from Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens describing imminent danger and  pleading for help in case of a coordinated attack by al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia from which they were not capable of defending against.

As First Lady, Hillary Clinton famously defended her known adulterous husband to protect their political partnership. Throughout the impeachment, President Bill Clinton’s defenders repeatedly told the nation not to worry, since it was “only about sex.” Of course, it was also about obstruction of justice, including perjury, in a sexual harassment lawsuit, but accountability is not the strong suit of the Democratic Party and its dependents; the latest example of which occurred on Election Day when epic failure to revive the economy was rewarded by economic dropouts, but I digress.

Prior to Election Day, we learned the following:

On June 6 of this year, a bomb planted at the U.S. compound in Benghazi ripped a 12-foot-wide hole in the outer wall.

On June 11, the British ambassador’s motorcade was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, wounding a medic and doctor. The next day, the ambassador was gone, and the British Benghazi post was closed.

At the same time, the Red Cross, after a second attack, shut down and fled the city.

“When that occurred,” says Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, who headed the military security team in Tripoli, “we were the last flag flying in Benghazi; we were the last thing on their target list to remove.”

On Aug. 15, at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, an emergency meeting was convened to discuss the 10 Islamist militias and their training camps in the area, among them al-Qaida and Ansar al-Sharia.

On Aug. 16, a cable went to the State Department describing the imminent danger, saying the compound could not defend itself against a “coordinated attack.”

The cable was sent to Hillary Clinton – and signed by Ambassador Chris Stevens.

On Sept. 11, Ambassador Stevens died in a coordinated attack on the Benghazi compound by elements of Ansar al-Sharia and al-Qaida.

After tales of imaginary mobs unhappy about an anti-The Prophet Mohammed video were bandied about for weeks, lest anyone discover that Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama’s-ordered killing of Osama bin Laden didn’t decimate al Qaeda, the Secretary of State accepted full responsibility for the debacle in Benghazi, just in time to give her president cover before his final debate with Mitt Romney.

Yet, full responsibility in the Age of Non-Accountability, means well, nothing. The Secretary remains The Secretary, much as an impeached President not removed from office remained The President with iconic status within the Democratic Party in his future.

After the election, the Director of Central Intelligence announced his resignation, purportedly due to an adulterous affair accidentally discovered by the FBI, just days before he was scheduled to testify under oath about all matters Libyan, after having mouthed video/mob excuses weeks earlier, subsequent to the latter of  which we discovered the following:

From an Oct. 26 report by Jennifer Griffin, also of Fox News, we now know there were two drones over Benghazi the night of Sept. 11 capable of sending pictures to U.S. commanders within reach of Benghazi, and to the CIA, Pentagon and White House.

We also know that ex-SEAL Ty Woods, in the CIA safe house a mile away, was denied permission to go to the rescue of the compound, and that he disobeyed orders, went and brought back the body of diplomat Sean Smith.

After the attack on the compound, the battle shifted to the safe house – for four more hours. Another ex-SEAL, Glen Doherty, made it to Benghazi from Tripoli. Seven hours after the initial assault that killed Ambassador Stevens and Smith, Doherty and Woods were still returning fire, when, having been abandoned on the orders of someone higher up, they were killed by a direct mortar hit.

This incident isn’t the first to juxtapose Hillary with General David Petraeus.

While preparing for her eventual run for the 2008 Democratic Party presidential nomination, the then-junior senator from New York, along with her then-fellow senator Obama (D-Il) voted twice in 2007 against funding our armed forces in the field in Afghanistan and Iraq. Moreover, while interrogating General Petraeus concerning his report on the Surge in Iraq, Senator Clinton commented that “the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief”? (sic)

Meanwhile, the political action committee born during her husband’s impeachment to admonish us all to “move on” from his Lewinsky affair, ran a full-page ad in The New York Times calling Petraeus, “General Betray Us”, which the senator repeatedly refused to condemn.

The previous statements of CIA Director Petraeus lending credibility to video as cause of the Benghazi attack, his deafening silence before the election after the White House sought to blame the “intelligence” for the Benghazi failure, and his after election/before scheduled sworn testimony, resignation; now raise the question of whether he has betrayed and continues to betray veterans on this Veterans Day and beyond.

Clearly, given the cables and other evidence concerning the State Department, the only honorable action for Secretary Clinton to take is to immediately resign.

And isn’t it also clear, no matter what we discover later, that adultery is incompatible with the responsibilities and vulnerabilities of government officials in top executive positions? Was David Petraeus kept mum due to threats against him by those who knew of his adulterous affair? What about Bill Clinton’s actions in the late 1990s when he was giving away the nuclear and ballistic missile store to China and North Korea?

Whittaker Chambers, the witness who exposed Deputy Secretary of State Alger Hiss as a paid agent of the Soviet Union, when recounting why he left the Communist Party in his book “Witness“, says that all are eventually awakened from their sleep when they “hear the screams” of the victims killed as a result of their efforts.

Do Hillary and David yet hear the screams of veterans and the Ambassador from Benghazi? Or only the siren songs from their sycophantic friends.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

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November 2012


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