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Yes, Osama bin Laden was killed under President Barack Obama’s watch, but does anyone think his presence as Commander-in-Chief deters any terrorist organization, state terror sponsors or even Russia?

As he was leaning toward Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time – “particularly with missile defense” – until he is in a better position politically to resolve such issues.

“I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who will hand over the presidency to Putin in May.

“This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

“I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure.

How war and want concentrates the mind on what matters most, ten years on

We miss our loved ones that died of natural causes before that Day and we well remember The Day America’s idyllic vacation from history ended as seminal even as we suffer under economic depression.

Many can’t afford Le Seuer peas, but this generic brand consumer still loves life and thanks God for the Texan that kept more alive when murderous Islamist evil visited our shores. In the wake of the Towers’ fall, the memory of Gore-ish multiple personalities faded for a time, as even Democrats saw the need for Daddy.

But President George W. Bush-driven safety and prosperity returned and with it Florida’s bloody shirt and late 90s WMD-amnesia, majority Democratic Party congressional votes for the War in Iraq notwithstanding. While the aroma of death still defined Ground Zero, it was self-evident that Saddam could not taunt us from his safe terrorist state. But soon (albeit, after a certain Texan was re-elected Commander-in-Chief) the aroma of Utopian Hope and Change animated and suddenly, keeping America free from Sea to Shining Sea took a back seat.

Last year, the son of Doris Kearnes Goodwin bemoaned that it was, ” too bad there had been no call (from President Bush) to all Americans to sacrifice and for unity? In the BushLied Era?

Maybe they wanted to practice the forced sacrifice of the American Dream in exchange for a Democratic Congress, TARP (Senator Obama voted for it and the two last budgets forced on Bush, which kind of puts what President Obama inherited into perspective, no?) ObamaCare and the stimulation of Labor Union dues for Democrats in Food Stamp Nation.

Life after September 11, 2001 and before the end of Great Depression II

But life goes on for those of us that remain. Before 911, we lost loved ones and it still hurts. Before there was an America to save from the liberals, there were 5000 years of history and a Christ that died for all lives. And as important as America and its standard of living are, the main point of all this is about us, each human being, and God.

The God that Democrats left out of their platform and who booed the booing of its reinsertion. The God that led Catholics and Jews to charitable giving via hospitals, only to be told by President Obama that they must cover morning-after abortion pills. The same God that chose the Hebrew people with their capitol in Jerusalem that the Obama Administration can’t abide unless the Dealt Cult “nation” of Palestine assents.

The same God mentioned in the Holy Bible that President Barack Hussein Obama placed his hand on to take the Oath of Office, swearing to uphold the Constitution. How has that worked out for us unless we favor shutting down deep water oil drilling in the Gulf and/or open borders?

Yes, OBL is dead and grandmothers get strip searched at airports. Feel safe? Didn’t think so.

Think we will be afford a strong defense if this President continues to gut the economy that pays for defense? We won’t. Meanwhile, 50% sequestration of defense threatens and not a peep from President Obama. He’s too busy whining about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

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September 2012


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