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Daily Archives: September 3, 2012

It hurts this proud son and grandson of former Brotherhood Railway Carmen (TCU) union members, and me their former union lawyer, to say this, especially given how I personally benefitted from the gains of that particular union, but I think Labor Day, as it has evolved, should be abolished.

I would be in favor of a new holiday commemorating a return of the right to labor (and most of the fruits thereof) in pursuit of happiness, after we defeat the ObamaDems and repeal the laws and regulations they have imposed on anyone that dares to create jobs not first approved of by the NLRB and EPA. Then again, such a celebration would be redundant given that we already celebrate Independence Day.

However, can anyone seriously argue that King George restricted our inalienable rights more than President Barack Obama and the Democrats? I think not.

The origins of Labor Day date back to the unique circumstances arising from the industrial revolution transition from an agrarian society and the labor union movement primarily in New York City and other large Northern cities in the 1880s. The movement was essentially an exercise of freedom by workers for large corporations to band together to maximize their economic clout. Most of the reforms obtained by the labor movement have been enacted into law and now apply to all workers, and have since the Hoover Administration agreed to sweeping legislation that forever assured workers of their inalienable rights of association in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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