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God got the last laugh over Sarah and Abraham’s firstborn. Republicans will get the last laugh in Tampa.

Before the formation of the patriarchal tropical storm supposedly headed for bays near Tampa, the broadcast network television branch of the Democratic Party made Ann Romney the latest victim of their real war on women. Her speech, originally scheduled for the first night of the Republican National Convention there on Monday, would not be covered due to reduced network coverage of both major party conventions.

No problem. The wife of the man to be nominated to take on President Barack Obama on Election Day will speak tonight. ABC, NBC and CBS collectively laughed and discovered the next possible Katrina II and employed him, despite his Jewish name meaning “laughter”, as the latest device to divert attention from the empty spaces in voters’ wallets and any possible connection to the liberal economic policies of their fellow liberal Democrats.

The first Isaac-related line of defense against the appearance of modern Republican women bemoaning their non-free contraception suffering under Obama was the threat that Ishmael’s younger brother would hit Tampa Bay. When, “all of a sudden”, TS Isaac “changed” course and headed for the Crescent City (seriously, do political appointees populate those that issue press releases for NOAA?, but I digress), Plan B (sex-change) Isaac-as-Katrina kicked in.

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Gamecocks kick off college football next week, McCaskill loses hope next month and hope returns to America on November 6

From his ongoing sabbatical in the Azores…

When last we crowed from our autonomous, volcanic Portuguese isle, we accurately prognosticated South Carolina’s school season-record 11th football win over Cornhuskers in Orlando; another mythical Division 1A national championship for the SEC; USC’s trip to the College World Series in Omaha to defend their two consecutive NCAA baseball national championships; and that the winner of Florida’s primary would be the GOP nominee. Still outstanding: Obama will not be re-elected and the GOP will win at least 50 seats in the U.S. Senate.

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Would a 21st Century Alger Hiss even need to conceal his ties to America’s enemies from Johns, McCain and Boehner, to gain security clearances as a State Department employee, so long as he were vouched for by their “honorable friend” and former congressional colleague, Hillary Clinton?

Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats’ Million Man March to mainstream fellow haters of the America they grew up in

America’s number one racist and anti-semite, Louis Farrakhan (whom President Obama always respectfully addresses with the honorific “Minister”), follows the Black Muslim religion that teaches that White people are “devils”.

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