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Even Samuel Wurzelbacher couldn’t plug leaks from this Vice President’s pipes

Occupy White House aka Obama-Biden Forward 2012 began week three of its campaign to save America from Bain Capital’s former CEO by trashing the relevance of “private equity” and plumbing experience to presidential job requirements and qualifications:

“Your job as president is to promote the common good. That doesn’t mean the private-equity guys are bad guys. They’re not,” Biden said at New Hampshire’s Keene State College. “But that no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber. And, by the way, there’re an awful lot of smart plumbers. All kidding aside, it’s not the same job requirement.”

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has argued that his business experience makes him best suited to fix the economy and create jobs. Vice President Biden’s remarks echo President Barack Obama’s recent dismissalof profit-making ability in carrying out a president’s job to “make sure everyone has a fair shot.”

Ironically, career politician Biden’s shot at plumbers coupled with the Community Organizer-in-Chief’s fairness “oath” reminds of Samuel ‘Joe the Plumber’ Wurzelbacher’s 2008 rejection of then Senator Obama’s “spreading the wealth” campaign appeal to class envy.

Wurzelbacher, now a Republican candidate for Congress challenging an Ohio Democrat who has served in the House for 15 terms, immediately took exception to the Obama-Biden campaign’s insulting reference to his profession, even if he is deemed one of Biden’s “smart” plumbers:

“I have a question to Biden: Why does he think he can decide who can be president and who can’t? It very much seems like he’s practicing class warfare,” he said.

“We’re supposed to be bringing people together,” Wurzelbacher said. “He seems intent on strengthening his party, rather than strengthening America.”

“The blue collar, we’re the ones that built this country– you’d think we’d have an understanding of how to run it.”

The view from here atop Stone Mountain of Georgia is that Joe the Plumber understands what is the “common good” and the fairness of wealth creation better than Joe & Barack the Smart Lawyers’ notions of fairness and common goodness, especially given the woeful results of the latter’s Ivy league-infused smarts over the past three-plus years.

President Obama and a super-majority Democratic Party in Congress ran up record deficits with so-called “stimulus” spending that was supposed to “save” and create millions of jobs. Tax payer-funded government jobs have been so saved and created, but the total number of Americans employed in the private sector today are less than the total employed when Obama was elected, including plumbers.

But Bain-like opportunities are probably greater today since private equity firms are in the business of trying to save that which has already been lost. Indeed, the better way to describe Romney’s Bain Capital  and other such companies is as “job saving firms”, not private equity firms.

Smart Professor/Lawyer/Community Organizer Obama came into office with an America leaking jobs and wealth, and has yet to plug any leak much less produce common good fairness. Surely smart capitalists like Mitt Romney and even an Ohio plumber could have done better, despite their supposed lack of relevant experience.

What wouldn’t be fair would be if a failed President and his Democratic Party yes-gal from Ohio, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, were rewarded for their epic misunderstanding of what constitutes the common good with election victories over Romney and Wurzelbacher.

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