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Jury still out on Russian and other post-election “flexibilities” as Obama Media’s ABC aka All for oBama Corporation, chose to focus only on gay marriage, the “revival” of the auto industry and whether President Obama will continue the first family’s Mother’s Day tradition of leaving  the First Lady on Air Force One

First reaction of our Astute Democratic Party Political Observer in Georgia upon learning that President Barack Obama had evolved to favor the legalization of gay marriage:

“He just lost the election. He said it in public!”

More below on what else Democrats say privately but aren’t saying publicly and what loses elections for Democrats. But first, before President Barack Obama sat down for yesterday’s interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, he had not faced reporters, unaccompanied by a foreign leader, since November 13, 2011. Since last fall, news developments other than that a thirty-second state passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as exclusively between one man and one woman, include:

  • Obama and Democrats stopped winking over respect for the free exercise of religion by forcing Catholic and other religious charity employers, including hospitals and universities, to provide insurance coverage for morning after abortion pills;
  • “Revived” General Motors falsely claimed it has paid back its government loan to taxpayers, conveniently omitting the fact that payments were made with other taxpayer money;
  • The EPA issued a new regulation outlawing the opening of new coal plants;
  • The President’s budget garnered zero votes in Congress, even from fellow Democrats;
  • The President touted pond scum as a viable alternative energy source;
  • Democratic Party primary voters in ten West Virginia counties prefer that an incarcerated convict face Republican Mitt Romney than the Democrat incumbent;
  • President Obama refused to approve the Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of jobs it would produce;
  • The labor force shrunk to its lowest level since 1981;
  • President Obama touts the creation of 2 million new jobs, yet less Americans hold jobs today than did on Inauguration Day 2009;
  • The Obama Administration sued the state of South Carolina to prevent it from requiring voters to produce photo IDs before casting a ballot;
  • Visitors to the White House must still produce photo IDs to enter the executive mansion;
  • Justice Department lawyers have argued cases in the Supreme Court against more than half of the states to prevent them from identifying criminal suspects that are in the United States illegally and to force Americans to enter into contracts with private insurance companies against their will;
  • Muslim Brotherhood politicians from Egypt visited the White House without showing photo IDs;
  • Russia threatened to bomb U.S. missile defense sites in Europe; and
  • Our Commander in Chief secretly (he thought) promised Russia to be more flexible after the election if they would give him some space on missile defense before the election.

No questions, much less answers concerning the above, but we were assured that the President’s third position on marriage since he endorsed the same sex variety in 1996 is consistent with his Christian faith and that his refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act is consistent with his present position favoring a federalist, state-by-state working out of the issue. Never mind that the Republican-passed DOMA, signed by then President Clinton, prevents federal courts or Congress from forcing one state to accept the definition of another state.

The slowing of Democrat winking, i.e. lying, actually began weeks ago when Citizen Bill Clinton, fresh from his late-hour lobbying of the 60 Democratic Party senators that were required to pass ObamaCare on the third try, began lobbying in North Carolina against the constitutional amendment that voters approved in a landslide the day before Obama’s LGBT evolution became complete.

But will Obama will be punished by the majority of Blacks that oppose gay marriage?

Ah yes, on the day after tea partiers  flexed their muscles in Indiana, Wisconsin, North Carolina, West Virginia and elsewhere, the burning question in the Obama Media is if voters that look like Obama, Trayvon Martin and Obama’s imaginary son will turn out on Election Day 2012 so that we can all find out what he will is now, still silently, “flexible” about concerning a second term agenda.

If only we could get other Democratic Party factions to threaten to withhold campaign contributions, like the gay marriage lobby did earlier this week, maybe we could stop Democratic Party winking all together. But the fact is that voters white and black already had enough evidence before the most recent Tuesday elections to punish Obama and the Democrats based upon the results of their policies that produced the Great Recession and the Anemic Recovery.

The real story from Tuesday is its consistency with other election Tuesdays since America got a taste of super-majority Obama Democrats’ rule in the election of Republican governors in New Jersey and Virginia; a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat and the tea partier-driven, historic GOP landslide that took control of the House of Representatives in 2010; and the passage of right to work laws and public employee union reforms in Indiana and Wisconsin, respectively.

Yes, President Obama will be punished by voters of all hues, much as was Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, based upon the James Cueball-‘It’s the Economy, stupid!-Carville Rule. Obama’s new love for gay marriage more resembles the confession of man on an a political death row, than an honest evolution.

One would suspect that a large majority of Hope and Change voters in 2008 will have evolved to such an extent by Election Day 2012 that Citizen Obama will be free from Chief Executive duties in 2013 to write a third biography telling us all about flexibilities, evolutions and the component parts of composite girlfriends. He can make millions in the private sector and still trash Americans that don’t vote for him as bitter clingers to God, guns and antipathy to people not like them, i.e. white.

Mike DeVine

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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