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Claiming fatigue from kicking cans down the road, Speaker of the House John Boehner engineered a rejection of a Democratic Party-controlled Senate-passed bill that would have cleared the way for the Canadian Keystone Pipeline project that President Barack Obama has delayed for three years of “study”.

The bill, which also extends unemployment benefits and the payroll tax cut for 60 days, would have authorized construction on the oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf unless the President explicitly rejected the project before March 1, 2011.



Instead, not only may the Obama Administration play both sides of the debate while raking in campaign funds from unions and environmentalists, but the Republican Party will more easily be depicted as Scrooges raising taxes on the poor and middle class and killing 20,000 jobs.

All because of a sudden ideological aversion to temporary tax measures that do nothing to provide incentives for job creators? How can this be when this same Speaker has had no trouble in kicking many such tax cut cans down the road over the past year. Other cans kicked down the road by the GOP House for fear of government shutdown ad campaigns have been refusing to remove ObamaCareimplementation funds from continuing resolutions; corporate welfare for food inflation-causing ethanol subsidies; and draconian debt ceiling “super-committee” defense sequestration cuts.

Before today’s action President Obama owned the killing of 20K good paying jobs at the behest of radical EPA regulators. Now, the mass-murderer of millions of jobs via non-stimuli, Dodd-Frank, Gulf Oil Moratoriums and ObamaCare bills gets a reprieve, courtesy of an early Christmas present from the most powerful Republican in America.

Is Boehner tired of being Speaker of the House of Representatives? Does he pine for the days of minority status and the resulting free time for more Marlborosand tee times?

How else to explain the rejection of the first gift from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats in over three years?

Mike DeVine

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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