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Occupy Atlanta fails smell test vs. MLK, tea partiers and homeless

Downtown Atlanta has had a homeless and panhandling problem, to varying degrees, for the past ten years that I have lived here in the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr.

But never have the poorest of the poor in the City too Busy to Hate stunk it up with self-indulgent entitlement whining and poor bathroom habits like the occupiers of Woodruff Park for the past month.

The messages of the mostly young college-age crowd mixed with veterans and/or admirers of the Woodstock protest era of the late 60s and early 70s is mostly consistent with their compatriots occupying New York’s Wall Street: Resentment of those that have more wealth than they do and a general hatred of the “capitalist” system.

Yet, these self-proclaimed “victims” are mostly college graduates who borrowed money from “evil” banks to pay their tuition and enjoy all manner of electronic devices manufactured by “evil” corporations. They regularly eat food cooked by local entrepreneurs whose “occupation” of Georgia’s capitol require no waivers of local ordinances and is paid for by rent or mortgage payments.

I suspect that if Atlas Shrugged went on strike they would beg them to go back to work after a few days of having to send smoke signals rather than text to get Facebook friends to bring something to smoke at the rally?

By contrast, the would-be “fighters for justice” who regularly invoke the Civil Rights Movement as their model, have enjoyed Mayor Kasim Reid’s endorsement of “legal” civil disobedience by those that aren’t with the KKK and a City Police conveniently not enforcing laws requiring permits for demonstrations and prohibiting sleeping on the streets at night.

As we recall, one of the reasons that local Congressman John Lewis (who the rude Atlanta crowd refused to let speak), and others in the movement for equal rights under the law, are considered heroes is that they marched and sat-in against unjust laws that were being enforced. They didn’t occupy property indefinitely and the only litter left after their visits was their blood spilled on the ground after being beaten. They wanted the right to vote and the right to buy a meal from a capitalist; not the right to have capitalists pay for their sustenance merely because they exist and can say “I want”.

The President of the United States, and former “community organizer”, Barack Obama has expressed solidarity with the protesters and even compared them with the tea party movement that he and Democrats had often referred to as racist before their 2010 election shellacking and the rise of Herman Cain.

But Tea Parties never occupied territory, they held events. They didn’t rail against the legal activities of private citizens, nor congregate outside the businesses and even homes of corporate CEOs. Rather, then held events with permits for specified times and addressed their grievances to their government for redress, i.e. they exercised free speech to advance specific proposals for changes in the law and then voted for candidates that agreed with them.

Very American the tea partiers. Very Che Quevara the occupiers.

For those of us that remember the last era of stinking occupiers that tried to usurp the dignity of real American heroes, we recall the result: Nixon landslides, thank you very much.

Occupy Atlanta-Wall Street: You are no Martin Luther King, Jr. and neither were the college professors that taught you that they were. You stink.

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

Co-Founder and Editor – Political Daily

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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