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Daily Archives: October 15, 2011

The 29% ceiling on Romney’s support was erected by him, not Southern Evangelicals

Bachmanns and Perrys come and Bachmanns and Perrys go, but Mitt never gets the leftovers, no matter how much he raises Cain. And don’t be fooled by the recent semantic flap over “Christians” and “cults”. Even Reverend Jeffressadmitted that he would vote for Mormon Romney over Christian President Barack Obama.

Religion is the least of Mitt’s problems with all Republican voters

No, the former Governor of the Bay State’s problem with Evangelicals, North and South and non-Evangelicals across the Fruited Plain is a matter of trust on conservative issues of mostly an economic variety.

For the record, this Southern Baptist Carolina Gamecock roosted atop Stone Mountain of Georgia supported Mitt Romney as far back as 2007, before and after Fred Thompson’s cameo appearance and think he would be a great President that all Americans would be proud of.

Here’s why:

  • Character? Check. The husband of one wife and father’s family right out of Norman Rockwell’s portfolio could probably rival the Father of our Country in having never told a lie nor chopped down a cherry tree.
  • Competence? Check. Profits are the “Bain” of his business existence.
  • National Security hawk? Check. He kept Salt Lake City Olympians safe after 911.
  • Social Issue conversion believable? Check. He’s a Mormon. Yes, he pandered for Massachusetts soccer mom votes, but we consider his post-fetal tissue embryos as trash pro-life epiphany to be genuine.
  • Debating whiz? Its self evident.

Unfortunately, absent bona fide conservative policies, none of the above will cure what ails America. Laws must be changed in specific ways to lower the debt, balance the budget and but quickly to save the USA from a future as Greece being bitch-slapped by China.

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