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Reagan’s tax rate cuts that returned America to prosperity were deemed “unrealistic” voodoo economics at this stage of his campaign. Herman Cain sticks another needle in that voodoo doll!

President Ronald Reagan’s voodoo not only passed, but worked. Vice President George H.W. Bush gave up voodoo detection until he rode Reagan’s coattails to office and passed a lobbyist/establishment friendly tax hike that betrayed lip reading.

If only doomsayers had less lives that cats

When even one of this gamecock’s favorite conservative tea partier-friendly website highlight’s surrender to any notion of scrapping the establishment-friendly tax code, we know that the battle to save America remains formidable despite the biggest GOP election victory in over 60 years in 2010.

The new front-runner for the Republican Party presidential nomination dominated the recent Bloomberg debate in New Hampshire by skilfully defending his plan against his media and GOP opponents to scrap the current tax code (and its scores of taxes, deductions, exemptions and subsidies on and from new-born babies to estates of the dead) in favor of just three taxes assessed at 9% on personal income, corporate income and the sales of new goods.

Now enter the anonymous streiff at Redstate who declares that Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan relies “entirely on hope…that runs contrary to everything we know about human nature and the way government operates.” Really? Entirely on hope contrary to everything we know?

Because “armies of lobbyists” and Democrat filibuster threats? Do these threats only exist against 9-9-9 tax bills back by Herman Cain? Of course not. Don’t they exist against any tax bill”? Of course they do and are we to swallow the notion that FAIR Tax promoters are relying on less hope while they require repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment by two-thirds of both houses of Congress and three-fourths of the states?


All a President Cain need do is follow an easier Reagan-like path, which ended up winning over Democrat Boll Weevils while defeating armies of lobbyists and Democratic party majorities in Congress, thanks to a strong mandate from the voters. Cain faces the prospect of an even greater electoral win and attendant mandate in a District of Columbia devoid of a Democratic Party majority in either house of Congress.

Caint never could do nothin’

We are admonished to give up the hope for bold tax reform because we “don’t have to be a genius to see how the 9-9-9 movie will end. It will be 10-10-10…”.

Human beings screwed up Eden, the present tax code and everything in between. They screwed up Reagan’s tax code. Does how it ended up negate the good of the 25-year boom, the likes of which Earth has never seen? Perish the thought.

Yes, we will always have to be viligent  in defense of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, including the pollution of tax codes. All the more reason to clean them up from time to time! Like maybe when we have the biggest GOP electoral victories since 1948 and hold the White House, House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate? Feels right.

Notwithstanding the proposed requirement that only a two-thirds vote of Congress, yes, subsequent Congresses would not be bound thereby and most assuredly would adulterate 9-9-9. But not before the boom that human nature assures will follow its passage.  Time and human nature’s desire to continue the good times will deter the raising of the rates to dreaded double digits and maybe this time conservatives can elect those that will keep the voting public informed of the danger returns by Carters and Obamas pose.

No, there is no mechanism to prevent present and future humans from screwing up even fought and died for Miracles in Philadelphia, but could we enjoy recoveries and wait for the recessions to bemoan human nature’s bad side?

The extreme slashing of the rates, simplification, and broadening of the base outweighs the danger of adding a new kind of tax. And maybe would could go ahead and disabuse the FAIR Tax advocate’s notion of the end of government “services” to collect revenue internally, but at least we won’t be saddled with pre-bate management of every American’s spending habits. And, yes, since I have seen the sales tax codes of Georgia I never bought the notion that sales taxes are less apt to balloon into a political tax code any less than income tax codes.

The 9-9-9 Plan can be seen as  mandate grater than Reagan’s mandate between now and Inauguration Day 2013 so that what little power Democrats have left wouldn’t dare be exercised to stop it. Arguably, Republicans could pass the plan with only 51 votes via the budget or invoke the new Reid anti-60 vote majority Rule to kill filibuster threats.

In any event, there will be no greater opportunity for bold action that after the election that rids America of the scourge of Obama as re-educated voters hold liberal economics accountable for its collasal failures.

Cain can

The reason Cain is now leading the polls is due to his bold Rx that fits the size of the crisis we face in Great Depression II. It doesn’t help conservatives and tea partiers as we fight off the GOP establishment and media push for us to settle for Mitt Romney and his lobbying army- and establishment-loved mere pivot off the current tax code.

It helps even less for some on our side to deride 9-9-9 with the Hope half of President Barack Obama’s vacuous campaign slogan. What those wedded to concurrent repeal of the 16th Amendment before we can take bold action to unleash Atlases from four years of shrugging need, is to Change their tune. The hope of such a repeal is truly unrealistic.

Passage of Cain’s 9-9-9  can and should be the first act of the Republican Administration and Congress 15 months from next Thursday.

Mike DeVine

Editor – Hillbilly Politics

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Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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