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Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

Reagan’s tax rate cuts that returned America to prosperity were deemed “unrealistic” voodoo economics at this stage of his campaign. Herman Cain sticks another needle in that voodoo doll!

President Ronald Reagan’s voodoo not only passed, but worked. Vice President George H.W. Bush gave up voodoo detection until he rode Reagan’s coattails to office and passed a lobbyist/establishment friendly tax hike that betrayed lip reading.

If only doomsayers had less lives that cats

When even one of this gamecock’s favorite conservative tea partier-friendly website highlight’s surrender to any notion of scrapping the establishment-friendly tax code, we know that the battle to save America remains formidable despite the biggest GOP election victory in over 60 years in 2010.

The new front-runner for the Republican Party presidential nomination dominated the recent Bloomberg debate in New Hampshire by skilfully defending his plan against his media and GOP opponents to scrap the current tax code (and its scores of taxes, deductions, exemptions and subsidies on and from new-born babies to estates of the dead) in favor of just three taxes assessed at 9% on personal income, corporate income and the sales of new goods.

Now enter the anonymous streiff at Redstate who declares that Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan relies “entirely on hope…that runs contrary to everything we know about human nature and the way government operates.” Really? Entirely on hope contrary to everything we know?

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