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Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

Prohibition, border crossings, adultery and the Rule of Law in practice

The attacks against Governor Rick Perry’s support for in-state college tuition for illegals in Texas by his rivals for the Republican Party presidential nomination reveals a need for clarity on the issue of illegal immigration writ large.

Most conservatives, including yours truly, opposed the Bush-McCain amnesty plan in the Summer of 2007 because it failed to ensure border security before any amnesty for those non-felon illegals already here. We believe that it is inherent in nationhood that its people must control who may enter its country and under what circumstances for reasons of public health and safety, as well as economic concerns.

We can’t have another 20 million illegals enter at their whim. We should revise the late 1960’s legal immigration law changes that socialized our policy. And we must secure the border.

But what of those already here, and especially those that have been here illegally for many years?

Some conservatives oppose any amnesty, even after the border is secured. I am not in that camp. I have long agreed with Charles Krauthammer that amnesty on all but voting rights would be the best course AFTER we build an actual and/or virtual fence between us and failed nation of Mexico.

But the internal GOP debate between tea partiers, conservatives, moderates and elites as a seminal election approaches reminds that we also need to be clear on what policies we favor now, BEFORE the border is secured. The debate sparked by Perry’s entry into the race has revealed some lazy thinking on the issue to my mind, of which I had unknowingly contributed.

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