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Appeasement of Iran, including abandonment of Iraq, leaves U.S. less safe under Obama despite killings of Osama bin Laden, al-Awlaki and Gadaffy.

We can’t kill all the bad guys, deterrence is paramount

America is obviously safer when terrorists are killed and President Barack Obama deserves credit for the high profile killings of terrorist leaders. Moreover, his statements in the aftermath of Navy Seals’ killing of bin Laden make clear that the answer to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s most famous “snowflake”  is that no, we did not create more terrorists than we killed under President George W. Bush. President Obama also deserves credit for breaking many campaign promises to undo many of the Bush Administration’s War on Terror polices that kept us safe after September 11, 2001.

But that we are safer the day after terrorists are killed than the day before is but a small part of the determination of relative safety under Obama since his inauguration. The relevant questions in that determination must address how safe we were under his predecessor and why; and an evaluation of all of President Obama’s policies and actions have altered the position of the United States and how those changes affect likely actions of our friends and enemies abroad.

It is especially critical to determine whether our most dangerous nation state enemies are more or less likely to take actions against the United States since Obama became Commander-in-Chief. America can’t kill all of its enemies and as long as evil lurks in the hearts of men and we have Earth’s superior military,we will be the target of megalomaniacs. Therefore, America must be feared by its enemies so that deadly actions are deterred.

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Wasn’t TARP supposed to take care of these troubled assets?

Tired of illegal immigration divorced from love of the English language, the Declaration of Independence, and personal independence from welfare and anchor babies? Well, build a fence, but in the meantime, how about an idea that increases legal immigration and does what TARP was supposed to do.

Chuch Schumer as Fred Sanford

Mike Lee as Aunt Esther

Enter the latest version of Sanford & Son, with Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther in the persons of Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY):

American consumers and the federal government haven’t been able to bail out the sinking U.S. real estate market. Now wealthy Chinese, Canadians and other foreign buyers could get their chance.

Two U.S. senators have introduced a bill that would allow foreigners who spend at least $500,000 on residential property to obtain visas allowing them to live in the United States…

The bipartisan proposal, part of a package that also would make it easier for international tourists to visit the U.S., is similar to an existing program that puts foreigners on a fast track to a green card if they invest at least $500,000 in an American business that creates at least 10 jobs…

The legislation would create a new homeowner visa that would be renewable every three years, but the proposal would not put them on a path to citizenship. To be eligible, a person would have to buy a primary residence of at least $250,000 and spend a total of $500,000 on residential real estate. The other properties could be rented.

The program would come with several restrictions.

The purchase would have to be in cash, with no mortgage or home equity loan allowed. And the property would have to be bought for more than its most recent appraised value, Schumer said.

The buyer would have to live in the home for at least 180 days each year, which would require paying U.S. income taxes on any foreign earnings. Buyers would no longer be eligible for the temporary visa if the property were sold.

The buyer would be able to bring a spouse and minor children to live in the U.S. but would need to apply for a work visa to hold a job. Neither the buyer nor dependents would be eligible to receive Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security benefits.

“The bill does not limit people from being productive,” Schumer said. “It simply prevents them from coming here and taking jobs that otherwise would go to Americans.”

I would remove many of the above restrictions, but many conservatives may be suspicious of the bill as is, given that it is co-sponsored by the senior senator from the Empire State. But, given the help it would offer to our underwater real estate market we would we wise to take the advice of Fred Sanford’s Aunt Esther (played by the junior senator from the Beehive State) upon discovering the funds Fred (Schumer) was donating to her charity was earned from gambling, exclaimed: “I’ll take money from the Devil to do God’s work!”

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Occupy Atlanta fails smell test vs. MLK, tea partiers and homeless

Downtown Atlanta has had a homeless and panhandling problem, to varying degrees, for the past ten years that I have lived here in the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr.

But never have the poorest of the poor in the City too Busy to Hate stunk it up with self-indulgent entitlement whining and poor bathroom habits like the occupiers of Woodruff Park for the past month.

The messages of the mostly young college-age crowd mixed with veterans and/or admirers of the Woodstock protest era of the late 60s and early 70s is mostly consistent with their compatriots occupying New York’s Wall Street: Resentment of those that have more wealth than they do and a general hatred of the “capitalist” system.

Yet, these self-proclaimed “victims” are mostly college graduates who borrowed money from “evil” banks to pay their tuition and enjoy all manner of electronic devices manufactured by “evil” corporations. They regularly eat food cooked by local entrepreneurs whose “occupation” of Georgia’s capitol require no waivers of local ordinances and is paid for by rent or mortgage payments.

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Garden-gate attack on Mitt Romney and inappropriate  show of temper may make Rick  Perry wish his performance could have stayed in Vegas by the time the next polls are conducted.

But Herman Cain heartened anti-Romney conservative hearts by offering a blockbuster alternative to RomneyCare and/or ObamaCare with a call for interstate competition in the health care industry.

Bay State Garden-gate

Perry’s attack on old stories about Mitt Romney’s alleged hiring of illegals shocked this conservative out of my chair more than any electrified border fence could. The Texas Governor referred to an old story about a landscaping company that Romney had hired that was discovered to have illegal workers employed.

There was no evidence that Romney knew the status of all employees of the company and he fired the company after discovering that it had broken the law. Romney was never charged with violating any law.

Perry, who famously questioned the condition of conservative hearts that oppose in-state tuition for illegals, indicts Romney for hiring the mothers of illegals to earn the money to pay the tuition? Was Romney indicted for breaking employment or immigration laws?

Perry temperament problem

For this viewer, Perry’s show of temper spoke for itself. I doubt his jobs plan can overcome what was seen of Perry’s temperament tonight in Las Vegas that seems inappropriate to the presidency to this Republican. But temperament isn’t everything. Witness what cool got is in President Barack Obama’s policies. But before Perry gets to be compared with Obama, he has to best the cool customers named Cain and Romney, and on that score I suspect his garden-gate attack makes his quest for the nomination futile.

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Democrats from President Obama on down just can’t give up toxic identity politics when trying to get elected, pass legislation, or even when dedicating a memorial to the nations’ preeminent civil rights leader.

But then again, Martin Luther King Jr. never left the Grand Old Party of Lincoln.

Can anyone remember the last public policy proposal by a Democrat that argued the merits of the proposal rather than irrelevant and untrue demonization of their  opponents? I suspect it was President John F. Kennedy’s supply side tax rate cuts.

Oppose Democrat-sponsored legislation? You are racist.

Since then, we have been told that Republicans:

  • Favoring President Reagan’s similar tax cuts and/or Paul Ryan’s plan to save Medicare, didn’t and don’t care about widows and orphans;
  • Supporting Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork, pine for a return to Jim Crow; and
  • Against federal funding of abortions want, in the words spoken this week by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, “women to die on the floor”.

Now comes the Administration of the first African-American chief executive:

First, President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder perverts justice, and the name of the DOJ he heads, in refusing to enforce the color-blind Civil Rights Act, that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis et al risked life and limb to enact (with a greater percentage of Republican than Democrat votes, I might add), against billy club wielding “New Black Panthers” intimidating white voters outside Philadelphia polling places on Election Day 2010.

Next, the nation’s News Commentator-in-Chief called white Cambridge, Massachusetts cops “stupid” before inviting them to a White House “Beer Summit” after it was learned Gates-gate showed his good Harvard professor friend sought to play the Democratic Party’s favorite “race card” against law enforcement diligent in protecting a black man’s private property.

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The 29% ceiling on Romney’s support was erected by him, not Southern Evangelicals

Bachmanns and Perrys come and Bachmanns and Perrys go, but Mitt never gets the leftovers, no matter how much he raises Cain. And don’t be fooled by the recent semantic flap over “Christians” and “cults”. Even Reverend Jeffressadmitted that he would vote for Mormon Romney over Christian President Barack Obama.

Religion is the least of Mitt’s problems with all Republican voters

No, the former Governor of the Bay State’s problem with Evangelicals, North and South and non-Evangelicals across the Fruited Plain is a matter of trust on conservative issues of mostly an economic variety.

For the record, this Southern Baptist Carolina Gamecock roosted atop Stone Mountain of Georgia supported Mitt Romney as far back as 2007, before and after Fred Thompson’s cameo appearance and think he would be a great President that all Americans would be proud of.

Here’s why:

  • Character? Check. The husband of one wife and father’s family right out of Norman Rockwell’s portfolio could probably rival the Father of our Country in having never told a lie nor chopped down a cherry tree.
  • Competence? Check. Profits are the “Bain” of his business existence.
  • National Security hawk? Check. He kept Salt Lake City Olympians safe after 911.
  • Social Issue conversion believable? Check. He’s a Mormon. Yes, he pandered for Massachusetts soccer mom votes, but we consider his post-fetal tissue embryos as trash pro-life epiphany to be genuine.
  • Debating whiz? Its self evident.

Unfortunately, absent bona fide conservative policies, none of the above will cure what ails America. Laws must be changed in specific ways to lower the debt, balance the budget and but quickly to save the USA from a future as Greece being bitch-slapped by China.

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Reagan’s tax rate cuts that returned America to prosperity were deemed “unrealistic” voodoo economics at this stage of his campaign. Herman Cain sticks another needle in that voodoo doll!

President Ronald Reagan’s voodoo not only passed, but worked. Vice President George H.W. Bush gave up voodoo detection until he rode Reagan’s coattails to office and passed a lobbyist/establishment friendly tax hike that betrayed lip reading.

If only doomsayers had less lives that cats

When even one of this gamecock’s favorite conservative tea partier-friendly website highlight’s surrender to any notion of scrapping the establishment-friendly tax code, we know that the battle to save America remains formidable despite the biggest GOP election victory in over 60 years in 2010.

The new front-runner for the Republican Party presidential nomination dominated the recent Bloomberg debate in New Hampshire by skilfully defending his plan against his media and GOP opponents to scrap the current tax code (and its scores of taxes, deductions, exemptions and subsidies on and from new-born babies to estates of the dead) in favor of just three taxes assessed at 9% on personal income, corporate income and the sales of new goods.

Now enter the anonymous streiff at Redstate who declares that Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan relies “entirely on hope…that runs contrary to everything we know about human nature and the way government operates.” Really? Entirely on hope contrary to everything we know?

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Neither Incas, Aztecs, Cherokee  or even Kenyans discovered Italy, Spain or India!

We should get down on our knees and thank God that Columbus discovered the New World so that Americans could later fashion a new world of Liberty.

The chain of events that resulted in the creation and evolution of the greatest nation the world has even known includes the discoveries of Christopher Columbus of the Oval Earth in 1492 as essential and as Exhibit A for proof of the reasons we became the Shining City on a Hill and an exceptional nation, even if the current occupant of the Oval Office doesn’t find it so.

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