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Daily Archives: June 6, 2010

Sometimes you have to step back, away, and into the silence to hear what is going on. If you listen closely, everything is still Bush’s fault.

Yesterday, a Democrat saw fit to spam my site with his campaign against Jim Cooper. He left no link to any site but there is this. The reason I say he spammed is because he’s pretty much done the same thing on a number of sites.

One thing, I’ve figured out in the silence is there will be no Obama’s Katrina. Pundits have declared that BP is Obama’s Katrina, or the Nashville flood,  any number of other occurrences (read: crises) that have happened during his first two years. No, instead we’ll hear things like Communication Gulf, wherein the author states that Obama forgot to show his emotions (and assuming he has them to show).  Or this, Obama, the Oil Spill and the Chaos Perception, where the author begins by lauding Obama as a rare politician and gifted writer, before talking about the dangers to that politician’s presidency. It doesn’t seem to occur to either writer that Obama has a one track mind focused only on his agenda and nothing else matters. People do not matter unless they are of use in pushing that agenda forward. Neither do the long term effects of that agenda seem to bother anyone, though it has been tried many times in the past and is still being tried in Europe.There are lessons from Greece, Spain, and yes even France and Germany, that should be learned but denial is the best defense because there is always some joker who thinks he can make it work.

One wonders when everything will stop being Bush’s fault per the Communication Gulf article complaining about previous presidents’ messes. We were not 13 trillion dollars into debt when Obama took office but we’re there now. We were somewhere around the 9 trillion mark on January 20, 2009, but how can one explain the 4 trillion more when Obama campaigned on hope and change? He did say, “Change we can believe in” but one doesn’t believe the change he meant is the change people wanted. Bush was crucified for less deeds, but Obama is more of a teflon presiden than Clinton ever thought about being (the last linked article is from 1 year ago and truer today than then). For Obama this is called bashing, mixed of course with a healthy pinch of Bush bashing. Wouldn’t be a complete article without inserting Bush’s name in there somewhere, now would it?

There seems to be a frenetic quality to the “bashing,” as if they can’t fathom how to pin some of the deeds on Bush, causing great leaps in logic to accomplish the “fact.”

Bush had no part in nationalizing auto companies.

Bush had no part in the nationalizing health care.

Bush had no part in the breakdown of ties with Israel.

Bush had no part in the stimulus bill that did nothing.

In only a few short months (about 18),  Obama has done all that claiming that he has to because of what Bush did the previous eight years. Meanwhile, real crises are going to waste, though Rahm Emmanuel doesn’t seem to mind. When there is a real one such as the BP spill or the flood or even the storms and tornadoes today, Obama runs away:

One might think that Obama’s favorite movie is Runaway Bride because when the going gets tough, he sure knows how to runaway. After all, blaming Bush for everything is just another form of running away.

Perhaps a female version of a Richard Gere will convince him that running away isn’t the answer. Apparently, that isn’t Michelle O or she would have done it already.


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