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Castro and Chavez say the United States is occupying Haiti. Yet their own responses to Haiti leave a lot to be desired.

In my mind, one reason the military is best to send into disaster situations is so tin-pot dictators can’t do what they’re accusing of us doing. We have a history of doing what we need to do in a given location, then getting the heck out when we’re no longer needed. Will the greedy dictators do that same?

Then, along comes Italy and France criticizing our response, also calling it an occupation.

Tell you what Mr. Ministers of Italy and France. Put your money where your mouth is and you do it. Italy’s government as a whole doesn’t seem to agree with Bertolaso but that’s beside the point. They think they know everything better than anybody else but when it’s time to take the lead who do they look to? Us. So,either put up or shut up.

I don’t care if you call it American Exceptionalism (which I prefer) or something else but the United States always takes the lead, not out of a need to dominate but because nobody else has the fortitude to do so.

If you want exceptionalism for your countries,then do something about it except complain when somebody else does what you won’t.

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January 2010


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