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Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

That’s what I think of what happened Friday. I watched the debate myself on C-Span. It has taken me this long to get past the fury engendered by the shenanigans. The Democrats pulled every card from their sleeves they could whip out, including the race card. Another thing that really bothered me was the voting on an unfinished bill. It was literally unfinished because it contained a placeholder for material to be written later and an amendment  that hadn’t been inserted into the bill at the time of debate conatining  a whole lot of things we can and can’t do  unless the federal government says we can.

Now, let’s get to a few particulars. One of the Republican Congressman talked about the job losses that are going to result from the legislation and who would suffer the most: the poor. Rangel rebutted with a snide remark about how Republicans are concerned with the poor all of a sudden. Yes, the same Rangel who is under investigation for ethics violations. Another Democrat talked about how the science was settled as they move forward on the legislation. I found that remark ironic considering that the day before and increasingly the day of the debate, there was news of repression of a report from the EPA, no less, that questioned global warming existed.

The highlight of the entire debate was when Boenher took a full hour to read parts of the amendment that had been added at 3 a.m. that same morning.  But then, Pelosi got to finish it off with her “jobs, jobs, jobs” slogan. She neglected to mention that it was jobs that would  be lost more than jobs gained that was at issue, not to mention that people wouldn’t be able to sell their homes anymore without an energy rating that certifies it as “green” unless you pour money into it to make it “green.”

I believe the thing that bothers me the most, however, is the simple fact that simple questions went unanswered. Such as the fact that wind and solar technology have been around a long time now. If they were viable, why does the government have to step in? American ingenuity would have solved the problem long ago if they were as marketable as the government would have us believe they are and those developing it would have incentive to make it more affordable to be able to sell more product. The market would take care of it the same as any other product. Henry Ford didn’t look for government funding to learn how to mass produce and sell cheaply, his cars when many before him said it was a foolish endeavor. How about Thomas Edison? Benjamin Franklin? The Wright Brothers?

Now that the government is stepping in, there’s no reason to do any of that, is there?

When the first CAFE standards were legislated in the  mid 70s they signaled the death of the steel industry in this country. It simply became cheaper to set the scrap metal overseas and then ship it back to the states. The steel industry has been on life support since. CAFE standards have been tinkered with ever since and Friday the House of Representatives voted for a massive power grab over the nation’s energy and individual people’s lives unprecedented in this country before.  I can only hope and pray the Senate decides not to follow the House’s example.

If I were an enemy to this country, I could not conceive of a more complete way to destroy the nation from within. yet, we’re not to question their patriotism. Alright, I won’t question their patriotism but merely conjecture that their patriotism is not reserved for this country but some other who is no friend to us.

Next up: Death by nationalized healthcare.

June 2009


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