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Listening to Fox News for once. Obama has been in front of the cameras for the umpteenth time since before taking office. Frankly, he bores me because all he knows how to do is talk. Talk, talk, talk.

In other news, there are no less than 5 major media outlets calling for Daschle to step down. Frankly, I don’t care if he does or doesn’t get confirmed. All things considered, there has been some problem with every nominee in the Obama cabinet. What’s the difference for Daschle? Considering they’re all hypocrits, there isn’t any.

So, I’m disinclined to let the Obama administration off the hook for the Daschle nomination by urging anyone to reject his confirmation. Either way we go, we’re going to get socialized medicine crammed down our throats and I’d just as soon an incompetent like Daschle is in charge than someone with a bit more competency. The sooner it fails, the easier it will be to undo when people realize they’re not getting what was promised. The reason they’re not going to get what they’re promised is because it’s an impossible promise.

We have a problem in this nation. We have a generation that has no experience of communism or socialism in all its glory. To them, it’s simply another ideology on a par with capitalism. That’s true in a sense. However, it’s also a failed more than once ideology. The reason it consistently fails is because it does not take into account the real diversity of the world. Someone always suffers because the ideology doesn’t fit.  When people begin to suffer… and I mean real suffering, not the kind of “I don’t have an ipod” suffering… you begin to see the failures of the ideology. 

Socialism has been around a long time; much longer than it has been termed socialism. It existed in Roman times, the Middle Ages, and longer. It inevitably devolves into a class structure with those on the bottom tiers suffering the most… real suffering, not the “I don’t have a million dollar home” suffering.

We see this same devolution in our federal government makeup even as our purported leader talks, talks, talks. As more and more of the government adopts the attitude of “do as I say, not as I do” we move closer to a real class structure in this nation rather than the ephemeral one the rising ruling class used to garner their power.

Some of us old codgers learned it the easy way: vicariously. We saw the breakdown in Russia and much of Europe with this ideology. We fought against it here. Sometimes we won the fight, sometimes we lost but now we’re losing it completely because there is no way to stop it happening.

So why am I disinclined to worry about Daschle being confirmed? Because I’m more inclined to let the people, who asked/wished for this to learn their lesson the hard way.

Russia, when still in the stranglehold of communism, used Vodka to keep the people under control. Vodka was cheaper than bread in Russia. Of course, the U.S. can’t use Vodka considering all the anti-drunk driving campaigns and laws so they had to find an alternative pacifier. From where I’m sitting it looks like sex is the new mollifier. When you have things like funding for condoms and STD prevention and Planned Parenthood in a stimulus bill… I suppose having indiscriminate sex without suffering consequences would be a good enough pacifier to keep the proletariat from realizing just how bad off things are otherwise.

So, yes, let’s get Daschle and the rest of the cabal confirned so we can get to the misery part of this. The sooner we begin, the sooner we can get over it.

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