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Daily Archives: January 7, 2009

Yes, News Channel 5 is liberal biased. In spite of that, this is a good story about what not to do when you have a majority in the TN State Congress. Sundquist was being thrown out while I was still acclimating to Nashville but the stories…

Beyond Wilson’s possibly questionable behavior, electing anyone tied to Sundquist as State Comptroller is not a good move. Apparently, Sundquist was so bad he gave us Bredesen. I haven’t seen a lot of difference between Bredesen’s administration and what was said about Sundquist’s terms in office. He may well have not been a party to anything Sundquist did but that’s beside the point right now. It’s the perception of the “good ol’ boy network” stikes again. This is not clean up, it’s more of the same.

A tale of two Senators: While Democrats are quick to throw out the adjective hypocrit when it comes to politicians not of their party, I believe it’s mere projection. Nobody can top them for hypocrisy. Blago has not been convicted of anything… yet. He has been indicted. If he’s proven innocent this time in his governorship becomes a mere scandal to be swept under the rug. Yet, everyone is acting as if he’s guilty of the most heinous crimes and are refusing to certify and seat the governor’s appointee to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat, from state officials all the way to the president-elect. Other than the fact that an indicted Governor appointed Burris, there seems to be nothing really wrong with the guy.  Well, for me, it’s the fact that he’s a Democrat which has become synonymous with socialism in current times but other than that? Not much. For Chicago politicians in the great state of IL that’s saying something.

On the other hand, we have Al Franken who has “won” the senate race in MN, in spite of the massive, not only blatant but, in your face blatant voter fraud who will be welcome to the Senate with open arms by all reports.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same.

The MSM is still playing water carrier to Obama’s faults, focusing more on his fashion sense than his governing sense. Perhaps it’s because he has none. It’s hard to be a leader after having been so long in a herd. How long will they continue to make excuses for him?  I’m sure it’s tough right now after all the demands that he take over immediately following the election to find that Bush still has time in office but Obama has played along until cornered when he ultimately delivers the stock answer to that pressure: “There’s only one president at a time” after which he’ll appeal for bipartisanship from Congress. All this while on a mad hunt for celebrities to fill cabinet positions.

There seems to be a problem with celebrities lately. They’ve become their own biggest fan club if the economic woes of Hollywood are any indication. Failed movies do not a successful celebrity make. No amount of face time in front of cameras is going to change how mainstream America views celebrities, whose lives are in shambles and scandals, telling everybody else what to do.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same.

One last look back at the election since it is still being talked about, although it never became a contested election as I suspected it might. But then, we’re talking about John McCain. Since he lost, there have been any number of reasons proffered as to why; some blaming his vote for the bailout which seems to be the most popular. There were a number of reasons why John McCain lost but all of them highlight that it was the man, himself, who lost the election. He was chosen by the media to be the Republican candidate. It wasn’t until it was too late that most of Republican America realized that and began to shy away from taking the media at its word.

One moment he would say something that would have conservatives wishing to “warm up” to his candidacy. The next he would say something that pushed them away once again. If anything sums up McCain’s campaign it would be the lay definition of schizophrenia: come closer, stay away.

He was not hope and change any more than Obama was hope and change. He was simply more of the same. His actions since losing highlight that fact more poignantly than I could ever describe.

On bailouts and government “loans”: A term I hear a lot lately is: Too big to fail. Message to the world: Nothing is too big to fail. The bailouts, loans, and everything other measure taken to insure the success of failing corporations will only make a bigger failure in the end. The only way to insure business success is to allow the free market to work as it should.

When the experts talk about the economy and economic principles, government intervention, and everything else in the mix, they leave one thing out: consumers. Consumers are the driving force that insure success over the long haul. In fact they determine the ultimate success of any business. There are two branches of economics, micro and macro.

Look around at your individual life. How often do you switch optional services such as cell phone, phone company, and so on because of poor service? Customer loyalty seems to be a thing of the past and it’s not the customers’ faults. It’s the business not attending to the real business of a business. So, what’s the government doing about it? Extorting the customers for the benefit of failing businesses.

Always the focus seems to be on the macro to its detriment. Propping up failing businesses only leaves no room for entrepeneurialship: the opportunity for someone who puts the business of the business first by catering to its customers with a better product.

This is not hope and change. It’s more of the same and the customers aren’t buying it while they, the businesses and government deny it.

With the campaign for the RNC chairmanship I have come to realize that the category Political Integrity is an oxymoron and will henceforth delete it. There’s no such thing and never will be. Every candidate for the position, that I really like, has something wrong with them just like the ones I don’t like. At this point, I’m beginning not to care who takes the chairmanship since I’ll likely leave the party and hold myself as an independent conservative rather than be told “you have to…” by a party that doesn’t care one iota what the people think about anything.

The two party system has worked well for this country throughout history. Lately I sometimes wonder what differentiates the two when their actions don’t match their words regardless of whether it’s an R or a D. These days, no matter which party is in power, it’s just more of the same.

So, for “hump day” I thought it might be a good time to remind people that the rest of the week is just: more of the same in the political world. We either need to get used to it or do something about it.

Some would argue they are doing something about it but has anything changed as a result of what they’re doing? So, if what they’re doing isn’t doing anything why do it? Changing strategies doesn’t change the more of the same. It simply decides who is giving us more of the same. More of the same is what has gotten the country in the trouble it’s in now.

January 2009


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