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Daily Archives: January 2, 2009

Rather than insanity, I believe the word in the title best characterizes not just our county but most of the rest of the world. Couple inanity with rampant narcissism, which seems to have infected everyone in some way, what we’ve got is a world gone stupid.

Before continuing, one believes it’s appropriate to include the standard definition of the word with some relevant synonyms:

in·an·i·ty (-nn-t) n. pl. in·an·i·ties 1. The condition or quality of being inane. 2. Something empty of meaning or sense.

 Noun 1. inanity – total lack of meaning or ideas mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacuity meaninglessness – the quality of having no value or significance; “he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him”

(source: )

While the election of a president of a nation might be significant in and of itself, the coverage of said candidates and the ultimate winner is best characterized by the word: inane.

Continuing coverage of the President-elect: ditto. Of what great significance is news coverage of Obama’s vacation in Hawaii complete with pictures of his pectorals? Not to mention all the posturing and promises that were made and are now being broken before he takes the Oath of Office.

But, no, the presidential elections aren’t the only inanities. Everywhere I look, no matter whether it’s a righty or lefty site, news channel, newspaper, or magazine, it is filled with inanities claimed to be events of great significance. Some of those stories may be entertaining in a lame sort of way, but hardly of great significance.

2008 was the year Global Warming was disproved. Who knew? Apparently, not This Church. In fact, it’s quite likely that only a small minority of the world’s population knows. Of course, such a thing is not significant enough for our media to make the effort to impart such information. It’s much more significant to talk about who has the best body: Putin or Obama?

The biggest problem with continuing the Global Warming meme is that people will needlessly die as a result. People do things differently, prepare differently, for winter and summer, heat vs. cold, and people are centered on the heat, not the cold. This winter has already seen record snow, cold, and more to come as winter is just getting underway. Yet, the world seems to be focused on combatting hot climates, rising seas and oceans (that aren’t), and carbon credits all the while exempting the most polluting countries: China and India. Government bodies will impose stiff taxes and rate increases for energy usage and the very people they claim to be concerned about will be the most adversely affected: the low income households worldwide.

Our do nothing Congress spent a lot of time on the camera talking about what they won’t do and doing a lot of things nobody wanted them to do, such as the $700 billion bailout, followed by another bailout for the auto industry so the UAW could keep its golf course, among other things. Now, the new Congress, even more inane than the last one, is set to approve another $1 trillion in bailouts with less than a week to read the $%)* bill. These are things of significance but they’re being treated as inanities while inanities are treated as significant, making the world upside-down.

To cap this off, let’s talk about celebrities. How many celebrities have gone in front of the cameras swearing that something is the way they say it is but fail to provide a speck of proof that they are qualified to make that judgment? Everything from global warming, the Iraq War, Chavez, Castro, universal healthcare, and, yes, presidential elections have been promoted by celebrities, most of whom don’t even have a degree of any kind, let alone a degree specializing in a field of study on the topics which they claim to be experts upon. How much more inane can you get? Being photogenic and posessing an ability to read a script wtih feeling does not an expert make. If they really believe what they’re spouting, you might also attach the adjective ‘gullible’ to their list of descriptors.

Yet, they wonder why the entertainment industry is struggling so badly. It isn’t, really. It simply moved from the official branch into the news and media who provide it free of charge rather than $40/movie for two people. Or is it more now? By the time you buy the tickets, soft drinks, popcorn or other snacks, it very well could be. I haven’t been to a theater in decades, so I wouldn’t know. These days, I’ve even curtailed video purchases because what’s available is not worth the money. In fact, I typically purchase against the reviews. Hancock, which didn’t get very good reviews, was a keeper. It’s a typical Will Smith movie of redemption. Yeah, the language might have been a little “colorful” but I’ve heard worse simply stepping out my front door.

If we’re to survive this age of inanities, we’re going to have to be smarter than they give us credit for being and that’s not an inanity. The six questions traditionally asked by journalists-who? what? when? where? how? and why… are largely missing from current news stories… especially the why’ and how’s… those items we need to know to make sound decisions. Instead, we’re given premises without any basis for the the premises and expected to accept them at face value, no matter how nonsensical or meaningless the premise is.

The outrage over “Barack the Magic Negro” is a prime example. Tacky? Yes. Personally, I’m tired of such tactics being used to win elections, even if it’s just for the RNC chairmanship. Stupid parodies are never a good replacement for a solid message of conservatism… and I don’t mean conservatism as defined by the left… I mean real conservatism. It never ceases to amaze me some of the really stupid things liberals claim as definitions of conservatism.

Racist? No. Al Sharpton, that most well known race baiter was the first to coin the term.  Since he’s black and Obama is black how can it be racist?

Since the media and others who claim to be journalists don’t want to do the job, we’ll have to do it ourselves. Carry a list of those six questions around with you. Ask them every time someone tells you something that is “fact” but is based on something of which they have no expertise or proof that someone with real expertise in the matter has made such a conclusion. Those six questions are good for following up, too; asking subquestions based on the same method.  

The Age of Inanity should be as short lived as we can possibly make it. Otherwise, we’ll leave this world worse off than when we inherited it from our ancestors.

January 2009


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