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We could talk about Blagojevich and Obama but it’s being hashed rather thoroughly in the press. Really all I have to say about that is Obama is in it up to his eyeballs, knew about it and did nothing, or is the dumbest politician alive to be so clueless considering he came out of that swamp. None of those are very flattering descriptions of our president-elect.

We could talk about the auto bailout but it went DOA in the Senate last night. We could talk about a lot of things but the press is finally waking up to the fact that a great orator does not a good president make.

We could talk about all the “centrists” he seems to be appointing to cabinet positions but they’re not really centrists and will provide a lot of fodder for future articles on this and other blogs.

We could talk about how Republicans were defeated all over the country but I really don’t care that they were. Conservatives and conservatism weren’t and I believe you’re going to see a resurgence in conservatism not very long into Obama’s administration… that is, if he makes it that far into it. Considering the shadow politics he just can’t seem to shake, it might be interesting to speculate just how long he’ll be in office before he’s impeached.

We could talk about how Obama’s “infrastructure” jobs are going to be going to the illegals who have taken over the construction industry, which, in turn, will do nothing much for the economy since they like to send a good portion of their money home. Home isn’t the U.S. for them. Will anybody really care? Probably not until the full impact is felt.

We could talk about Powell’s statement against people listening to Rush Limbaugh but who cares? Rush is funny and makes me laugh. Libs take themselves entirely too seriously and the ranting and raving and parroting of talking points that say absolutely nothing get a little wearing after awhile. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that the only time they seem to have a sense of humor is when terrible things happen to people they don’t like and yet, claim to be so compassionate and caring.

We could talk about having an economically poor Christmas here with all the homemade stuff rather than shopping til I drop but I’m having way too much fun. It might have been better if I’d started in June rather than November but it will still be a great Christmas. I think this will be a family tradition from now on. Yes, let’s talk about this for a bit.

The trick here, this year, is to use what I already have to make Christmas gifts for the entire family. It works because I have fabric galore… pieces and leftovers from other things made over the years… a lot of years, actually. I have pieces of fabric from clothes made for my children when they were young, from the uncountable prom dresses of my sisters when they were young, pieces from my mother’s clothes made over many many years, and so on. Even from several wedding dresses made over the last two decades. There is also yarn and paints and canvases from my hobby painting. I also have acrylics for ceramics and tole painting and 1950s California redwood stacked up in the garage. While there may not be any of the latest gadgets wrapped up under the tree, I believe I can fill it up under there just fine without them.

People have gotten soft, myself included. When adversity hit us personally, the first response was to whine and cry about it. I did my share but, now that the initial reaction is over, I’m really enjoying this. I know what we face and believe we can face it with our integrity intact. Some of our conservative officials in Washington seem to think so, too. In the 60s there was a “revolution” but most of those guys grew up and became conservatives. The only ones who didn’t were the academics because they were insulated from reality unlike the rest of the country who still had to deal with the real world. It’s only natural, given that our young people today, coming out of places where academia reigns supreme, would feel some of that angst from that era. They voted for change in Obama. They’re not going to get it. What they’re going to get is a resurgence of failed liberal policies ranging in time from FDR to Clinton. With the exception of the Clinton years, most of this will be unfamiliar to them so it will feel like change. It won’t be change they’ll appreciate in the long run, however, just like those radicals from the 60s, who had to face the real world eventually, became more conservative in their thinking and living.

Our founding fathers exhorted us to guard against having our liberties taken away from us. From time to time we forget that but reality has a way of reminding us that if we don’t guard against such things they will be taken away. There is ever a war, of sorts, between the forces of freedom for all men and the dictatorships of the world, not always fought on the battlefields with loss of life and limbs. Sometimes survival means simply doing the best you can with the resources available to you. We have more available than we realize until necessity points them out to us.

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