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It’s a sad day when you discover one of your closest allies is now looking to
Go It Alone.”

Israel is drawing up plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and is prepared to launch a strike without backing from the US, it has been reported.

Officials in the Israeli Defence Ministry told the Jerusalem Post that while they prefer to act in consultation with the US, they were preparing plans that would allow them to act in isolation.

“It is always better to coordinate,” a senior Defence Ministry official told the newspaper. “But we are also preparing options that do not include coordination.”

 But the world loves us again! We’re going to be just like Europe now! Chicken livered, yellow bellied, narcissistic idiots enthralled to a United Nations that has a most abysmal human rights record while purporting to judege everyone else on the same. Give up your sovereignty, your rights to exist how you see fit, and you are slaves, nothing but slaves to powers that have no good interest at heart except their own.

Cowardly, cowardly, cowardly we go.

I don’t know best to explain this but if Israel falls we all fall; every country. This is not meant as a religious statement. This is meant in the sense of the struggle for existence, the right to exist, when all those around you say you do not have that right. While the rest of the world appeases through diplomatic channels, Israel struggles on. Do they always decide the right course? They’re human just like the rest of us but their struggle is ages old; centuries old.

Anyone with the same thought of the right to exist in the way they see fit should look upon this possibility of their having to go it alone as an abomination or have the same directed toward them. And they will have because you have opened the door to having your lives ordered in much the same way. Like Carter before him, Obama and his cohorts will turn a blind eye to the struggle because they, like the U.N., believe there’s only one way to exist: their way.

The founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they could learn of this. This nation was founded on the precepts of basic human rights which its citizens have now repudiated.

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