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I missed the first hour and often do, but the last minute is what I write about today. Not Rush, so much as one of his callers. This caller had a brilliant idea, no doubts about it. He said that since the Democrats are having such problems choosing a presidential candidate and should almost certainly pick neither but look for a third option, we could give them McCain and rerun the primary for the Republican side. (This is not exact quotes but my summation of the call.)

I know what you’re thinking and you’re quite likely right, but let’s think about this. We conservatives were disenfranchised big time this election. Most of us didn’t have the opportunity to vote for our chosen candidates as McCain’s independent and crossover Democrats tilted the Republican results in his favor.

Beyond that there are some positives. Giving them McCain would give them someone they could really believe in, except for the extreme left. He once considered joining the party so it would not be an unthinkable burden for him to switch over now. He’s the unifier the Democratic Party is looking for as he spends more time on their side of the aisle than ours.

Think about it.

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