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Daily Archives: April 7, 2008

When one finds oneself in such a mood, one usually should find something else to do for a time. However, finding something else to do doesn’t always help and this is where I find myself these days.

All too often the media is busy making the inconsequential consequential while the truly consequential is ignored or marginalized. It’s not just a disaffectation with the political parties, or the media that scurries about trying to make our current presidential candidates look better than they could dream of looking under the harsh light of day. Or doing the same for the already elected politicians, with a few exceptions, mainly Bush and Cheney.

It’s the willing “suspension of disbelief” with which the body electorate raise up their preferred politicians.

It’s the media’s self-fulfilling prophetics (the economy and global warming to name a couple).

It’s the tax and spend federal government who complain mightily about the cost of necessary government while earmarking every pet project that comes their way.

It’s the welcoming of our enemies’ transgressions, both past and present, while ignoring the needs of the people for whom they pledged to work.

It’s the hate and anger that seems to permeate everything, sullying what was once good.

It’s the religious non-freedom.

It’s political correctness.

It’s the sexualization of our children which we tacitly accept by allowing the educational system to give them birth control and plastic surgery at whatever age the educational system deems appropriate.

It’s the lack of parental responsibility for raising responsible citizens, while excusing heinous acts by gangs, murderers, thieves, and rapists.

It’s the anti-Americanism exuding from its own citizens.

It’s the being forced to become ever more dependent upon a government far removed from the lives of ordinary citizens.

It’s the total lack of common sense when it comes to making domestic policy.

It’s the total lack of accountability for their actions when it comes to making domestic policy.

“It’s always someone else’s(type any name for someone else) fault.”

It’s the anti-military protest groups that don’t seem to understand that no matter what we did with our military, it’s not going to change the minds of our enemies.

I could go on and on but the sad fact is this country is FUBARed and there is nobody willing to sacrifice what it’s going to take to fix it.

April 2008


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