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Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

Barr bid could hurt McCain

Can a conservative former congressman who helped impeach President Clinton, is a board member of the National Rifle Association and has done contract work with the ACLU dent Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid?

That’s exactly what Mr. McCain would face if Bob Barr, the former Republican who joined the Libertarian Party two years ago, wins his adopted party’s presidential nomination.

“Barr obviously is dangerous. At least he negates any possible Nader benefit,” said David Norcross, a New Jersey member of the Republican National Committee and its Rules Committee chairman, arguing Mr. Barr would hurt Republicans at least as much as Ralph Nader, who has announced his own independent presidential bid, would hurt Democrats. […]

Seriously, if you’re having a real problem accepting McCain, Barr is worth a serious look. He has an almost perfect ACU Rating and his Positions Survey  at Project Vote Smart gels a lot closer to my own opinions than McCain’s liberal Republican policies.

He’s not a confirmed candidate, yet, but is considered likely to announce his candidacy Heartland Libertarian Conference in Kansas City, Mo. That’s the kicker. He’s not a Republican and I’m not sure the Libertarian Party is  a good fit for conservatives because they don’t support the WOT. Otherwise, this man is worth more than a cursory glance and he, himself, is a conservative.

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