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Wishes sometimes do come true so I’ll keep wishing.  is, too.

Tom Gross, at the end of a rather long article critiquing British pundits on their election coverage/opinions, ends with this one from William Rees-Mogg :

Barack Obama is the one to watch. Morally concerned without being moralistic, sociable without being socialist, egalitarian yet meritocratic, profoundly secular yet deeply religious, he is the change candidate who offers continuity. Obama is the candidate who embodies the moment, yet one whose roots are seared deep into America’s shared past.

Not since John Kerry has America had such an outstanding candidate for the Presidency. Why then, do I feel it in my bones, that the next President of the United States will be Fred Thompson?


Plenty although the MSM and some of the establishment would like to sell us on him.

I always appreciate NRO, even during the times I heartily disagree with them. And this piece is part of the reason why:

McCain Mirage

Senator John McCain’s ascendancy in the Republican presidential race has been truly remarkable. Yet, it’s no groundswell.

To this point, about two out of every three primary and caucus participants have voted against him. If the Democrats and independents some states permit to crash the Grand Old Party were factored out, his standing in the Republican base would be even less impressive. Still, you have to hand it to his admirers: They have parlayed his thin support into an aura of inevitability. The glow could intensify this week, when McCain is likely, finally, to rack up some more impressive numbers … in delegate-heavy blue states that rarely vote Republican when it counts, in November. (Full disclosure: I support Governor Mitt Romney.)

As it happens, the received wisdom about McCain’s suddenly broad support mirrors the regnant narrative about his chief qualification for the job: It’s a mirage.

Read the rest. It’s a fairly long article but well worth the read.

While I don’t support Romney(will vote for him in the general if he wins the nomination), I’d go further than this article and point out the porous southern border and how it leaves us open to threats that no one can track. It’s not just about illegal aliens coming here to “make a living”, it’s also about an entire country laid open to whomever decides to use that border for whatever purpose including the drugs and gangs that cross at will with the rest. How can any president be strong on national security while ignoring the possible threats from unknowns crossing into the U.S. at will? And when asked about that, he neatly sidesteps the issue except for saying he heard us, that we want the fence built, but then qualifies that with a statement saying he’d sign the McCain-Kennedy bill if it crossed his desk.

In short, no matter how you look at it, McCain is a mirage when viewed from all sides.

Not a thing if you do it for the right reasons. It’s not about Thompson anymore. It’s about using our vote to voice what we want: a real conservative, not a cardboard caricature of one. If enough of us write in, it keeps the RINOS from winning the nomination. That’s what this is about at this point.

For your reading pleasure heading into Super Duper Tuesday:

Those are some good arguments for writing in Fred. Now, here are a couple of other considerations for you of what to expect without a conservative at the helm.

Now, the reason I say Fred instead of maybe Hunter or Tancredo is because those two candidates have endorsed, one for Romney, one for Huckabee, and then there’s Guiliani who endorsed McCain.

Fred hasn’t endorsed anyone and has no plans on endorsing anyone. So a vote for Fred is a vote for “none of the above” with specifications of why “none of the above”. If you vote undecided, then the “party” can decide for you and that’s not what you want. We have to let them know, we want a conservative who sits on a three-legged stool that is sound and strong, not one with broken and shaky legs.

The bulk of my blogging will be over at Hang Right Politics for awhile, helping fill in the gap for a friend who is taking a much needed break. She has worked tirelessly to bring all the issues confronting the country to the blogging world. I will, however, remind people every so often during the primaries to cast their vote wisely when the time comes. Your vote is your voice to the “party”. 

Remember, Americans don’t settle. We work hard for what we want and will fight to keep it. We always have and always will.

I love the music in the video. Stephen Spruill says:

That said, the last two Republican debates without him have been boring, disastrous affairs. Fred was always good for confounding moderators who asked stupid questions (remember “no hand shows?”), and he rarely wavered from fundamental, limited-government conservative principles (the only exception I can think of was his lamentable ethanol pander… but hey, Iowa is Iowa). He was a comforting presence at the debates. He spoke conservatives’ language.

Go watch the video.

Here’s another one that sums it up nicely, too. No Fred pictures in it, though.

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