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Yesterday, I tried a slightly humorous and highly sarcastic approach on HRP dealing with the Huckabee furor over his Christmas ad. It didn’t go over as planned. I’ll stick to being ultraserious from now on. I guess people just don’t get my brand of dry humor. The ad did exactly what it was meant to do. Those of us who truly take our faith seriously can’t even understand how anyone could even see a cross in that segment but for those who are offended by any show of Christian faith, I suppose it was inevitable that they came to the conclusion they came to. Huckabee got lots and lots of facetime that wouldn’t have been possible if he had to buy it given that his campaign doesn’t have the funds at its command for such a media blitz. In the end, I have to agree with Ann Coulter on this one.

The Iowa Caucuses are just two weeks away to be followed shortly by N.H. and S.C. primaries shortly followed by Super Duper Tuesday… as it’s been dubbed because of the shift in primary dates for this election. One’s thoughts are decidedly dismal when reading articles such as: Three plead guilty in fake voter scheme and more recently Poll worker indicted in vote probe. Top that with: The Stunning Reality of Voter Fraud and one has to wonder does their vote even count. One also wonders if this trend more than any other factor affects voter turnout. Nothing like telling you your vote doesn’t count to convince people not to vote when there are long lines and rude people to deal with. Even if real voter fraud is rare, the media attention given to the cases there are is enough to convince voters to stay home. Just like the Huckabee ad had a goal to engender the furor that it engendered, so do the media with their voter fraud stories. So, perhaps we can make our votes count again by voting in spite of the frauds. We can still outnumber them.

If the northeast is so great how come people are migrating south for better livings? Some states are losing as many as 15oo people per day(Go South, Young Man).  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the biggest losers are the biggest spenders. These demographics shifts are a huge part of what is going to make the ’08 elections very interesting. However, if they don’t leave their political opinions from whence they came, they only bring with them what they sought to escape. Yes, this will be a most interesting election.

Time has shown its anti-American face prominently this year with their Person of the Year Award. Note also out of the 5 nominees, 3/5 are not Americans, 2/5 are communists (overlaps with the 3/5 nonAmericans) and 2/5 are fiction writers. Their explanation for the choice only serves to intensify the perception of their anti-American sentiments. Read also: Anti-Americanism: It’s About American Power, Not Policy.

I put my thoughts on glabal warming here. It seems I’m not alone in my sentiments.

How does one respect people like these when they give none?  Bus driver solicits sex; students aboardChairs Thrown During Parents’ Fight at School Christmas Program, Thrown Object Knocks Out Santa. How about this one: UK Teachers Caught on Video Humiliating Bound Student? Or this: World Orgasm Day to Promote Peace in War-Torn Countries?

Merry Christmas World.

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