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Daily Archives: November 12, 2007

I’d take this as a big hearty sign.

Falling Flags

ABC News’ Eloise Harper and Rick Klein Report: It’s been a rough stretch for Hillary Clinton — a tough debate performance, a lost voice, and the revelation that the Clinton campaign had been coaching questioners at events…

Then, on Sunday, everything started falling down around her.

After a very Presidential-esque news conference – Clinton turned around to leave the reporters and their peppering questions. A staffer swooped open a curtain, and chaos ensued. Four large American flags came crashing in front of Senator Clinton as she headed for the door. In a controlled panic,  the staffers and the Senator attempted to catch the flags before they fell to the ground. […]

There were no planted questions to worry about, but on this Veterans Day – the flags dropping all around the Senator created quite a stir among the press before Clinton fled the scene.

Any commentary I might add is self-explanatory, so I’ll leave the article to speak for itself.

In Venezuela, it can’t buy me food, either.

Venezuelan construction worker Gustavo Arteaga has no trouble finding jobs in this OPEC nation’s booming economy, but on a recent Monday morning he skipped work as part of a more complicated search — for milk.

The 37-year-old father-of-two has for months scrambled to find basic products like cooking oil, beef and milk, despite leftist President Hugo Chavez’s social program that promises to provide low-cost groceries to the majority poor.

“It takes a miracle to find milk,” said Arteaga, who spent two hours in line outside a store in the poor Caracas neighborhood of Eucaliptus. “Don’t you see I’m here slaving away to see if I can get even one or two of those (containers)?”

Venezuelan consumers are increasingly facing periodic shortages of basic food products as the economy shows signs of overheating amid record revenues from an oil boom.  (Read full article)

You’d think poor Chavez is having a bad month from all accounts. Not only are his people have difficulty finding the basic necessities of survival in his country, he has the King of Spain telling him to shut up. Not to worry, Hugo, you’re still a hero to the leftists in this country and still in your own, in spite of everything and what you’re doing is great for the black market:

A black market has sprung up where informal vendors illegally peddle bags of sugar, beans and precious powdered milk — for as much as double the regulated price.

The state’s consumer protection agency, backed by military reserves, often shutters supermarkets for selling above the fixed price, but vendors offer their goods from makeshift stands in downtown Caracas in plain view of authorities.

“This is an insult, but I can’t find it anywhere,” said Jose Ferrer, paying nearly $12 for a can of powdered milk regulated at $6. “I have to buy it for my kids, there is no other way.”

Well, I guess I was wrong. Money bought Chavez love… or at least a close facsimile until the reality truly sinks in. 

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