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Daily Archives: August 28, 2007

My last post before taken suddenly and intensely ill talked about what is wrong with the United States. This morning, I’d like to link to an old but still useful article: 10 things to Celebrate.

I have to admit, along with being quite ill with a disease I managed to escape while raising my own children that I’ve grown rather pessimistic about this country’s future if any of the declared and most of the so far undeclared presidential candidates get elected. Every campaign speech revels in the negative. This is the most negative campaign season I can remember or have found searching through history and it’s only the primaries. How much worse will it become when the general election campaigns start rolling toward the White House?

Yes, I know this country is facing some really tough challenges and quite a few hardships but there should be hope mixed in with those messages. Where’s the candidate who will point out our strengths and what will help us face these challenges? Where’s the hope that if we elect “____________”, he or she will lead us toward meeting the challenges for the betterment of the country? Instead, all the candidates talk about what’s wrong and nothing of what’s right nor the fact that the United States’ true strength is her citizens, those Americans who have shaped this country to be unlike any other country in the world.

The problem is: We’re in danger of losing our uniqueness in the world as our politicians pander to communist countries and religious fanatics. They talk of our standing in the world as anti-Americanism runs amok and the solution to changing it is to become like everyone else.

It’s really funny when I think about it. There was a time when if someone said something meant to be insulting to an American, the American would thank the person instead because it brought to the forefront that, no, I’m not like you. I’m me and I’m glad to be me.

I’ve never seen such interest taken in American politics from countries in Europe as well as the Middle East. Yes, they purport to want to see us change to become more like them but secretly, I believe what they really want is for us to stand up proud of who we are and what we’ve accomplished as a nation… which is more than many who have been nations much longer. Sometimes, just a certain turn of a phrase in an article seems to hint at such.

If we are true to our roots and our country, this wouldn’t be a problem. From my vantage point, I wonder why anyone cares what Mexico thinks about our immigration policies. Are we or are we not a sovereign nation and have the right to say who and who doesn’t get invited into this country?

So, when do we start celebrating being American again? For myself, I believe it’s past time.


Aside: I did a little work on the blog this morning. Changed the header, added some plugins, that sort of thing. Let me know what ya think. I can change it back,  😉 

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