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Daily Archives: August 14, 2007

I’ve got only a few things to say about it or rather a few things to say and perhaps a few questions. The Democrats are salivating and claiming an increasingly isolated White House, but its a White House that has done more in the last eight months than the Democratically controlled Congress has done. Congress continues spin its wheels on one witch hunt after another trying to get rid of him. Rove has been cleared time and again despite the witch hunt, yet, the Dems are still crowing. I  believe, in the end, Rove will have the last laugh. So will the rest of us who have already realized this is the most inept Congress in the history of Congresses. That’s saying something since the previous one wasn’t all that great, either. The good news is, it could be worse.

Why did they make the announcement on a Monday after Congress went on vacation?

Something to think about.

How much you want to bet that some kind of legislation to prevent political figures, such as Rove, from publishing books about their experiences will be on the table when Congress gets back?

Oh the tales Rove could tell.

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