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Daily Archives: August 10, 2007

I certainly don’t. In fact, I’m rather sick of the pandering campaining. All the early primaries are going to do it tell us who among the idiots will be chosen along party lines to sell out the parts of the U.S. that haven’t already been sold out. If anything the endless campaigning has become quite monotonous. The same vague talking points are pounded out from one podium to the next until I now have them memorized. The media is talking about the primary elections being bumped up because of the importance of being in the first positions… as if there aren’t still 50 states to win. What I believe is behind the states’ moves to bump up the primary elections is: Get it over with already so instead of being forced to listen to a swarm of candidates (8 Democrats, 9 Republicans, and several candidates in waiting), we’ll have to listen to only two, or four if you count the vice-presidential campaigns as well.

Speaking of candidates-in-waiting, I find it rather amusing that Fred Thompson gets more coverage than any of the announced candidates and I’m not talking about Law & Order reruns, either. You’d think that would send a message to the announced candidates that nobody is really buying their messages.

I can’t say I blame ol’ Fred for not announcing. Who wants to become part of the circus which the presidential campaigns have become? I certainly wouldn’t …not that I’d consider running for the office in the first place. I wouldn’t care to have to babysit countless D.C. officials for 4 years let alone possibly 8… Dr. Sanity put it succinctly this morning with this:


I am traveling today to give a speech, and so no further blogging until this evening. I will leave you with this “oldie but goodie” that remains relevant :


(sung to the tune of “I Walk The Line”; with deep apologies to Johnny Cash)

I keep a close watch on those polls of mine
They’re really helpful since I lack a spine
It seems to me surrendering’s just fine
So when its time, I moan and whine
I find it very, very easy to change views
And when I do its always makes the News
It really is a very simple ruse
So when its time, I moan and whine

As sure as right is wrong and good is bad
Appeasing terrorism makes me glad
Because I sure don’t want to make them mad
So when its time, I moan and whine

There’s no way for me to stay on just one side
There are no principles to which I can subscribe
I simply float along on every tide
And when its time, I moan and whine

I keep a close watch on those polls of mine
They’re really helpful since I lack a spine
It seems to me surrendering’s just fine
So when its time, I moan and whine

Although I can think of a few moaners and whiners on the right, too.

I have enough to deal with when my two grandsons moan and whine but they’re only 5 and 3 years old.  Why don’t all the states move up their primaries to the first weekday after New Year’s and put us out of our misery? Perhaps then, the media will also get the message that the US public sees news media as biased, inaccurate, uncaring: poll .

Think about it, the last Democratic Debate had less than a million viewers. The Republicans aren’t faring much better. The more they moan and whine, the less America hears… just as I tune out my grandsons when they throw tantrums to get their way and whine about everything that doesn’t suit them, America is tuning out the politicians.

We are tired of it, Media and Government. We’re letting you know the only way available to us, short of civil war, yet, you still refuse to listen.

August 2007


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