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Daily Archives: August 8, 2007

Patrick Henry once shouted, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Our rights as citizens and free human beings are being overridden in favor of the citizens of other countries, under the guise of exhortations for tolerance and charity. When another country enjoys favors that citizens of this country have a right to enjoy but are denied, yes, it’s time for revolution. The excesses and abuses of government are not to be tolerated.

The earliest migrations to this continent came for religious freedom. Yes, some terrible things happened during that time but we cannot wallow in guilt forever or the first revolution was meaningless. Generation after generation has seen a slow and careful erosion of our liberties, giving ever more power to an uncaring government who then threatens us with thugs imported from other countries.

We fled Europe for the rights we knew in our beings were inherently ours. The fight for liberty and freedom is an ongoing struggle that has been reenacted time and again throughout the world’s history. It is a neverending struggle as there will always be those whose greed for power is so great they will do anything to achieve ultimate power, even to killing the people who accorded them some power in the first place.

How many times have totalitarian governments starved to death the very people for whom they accepted responsibility? How many more times will that same event be played out in the centuries to come?

When we have public employees experiencing something like this:

In 28 years of responding to fires and saving lives, Fire Capt. John Ghiotto of the San Diego Fire Department never thought his job would require him to attend a Gay Pride parade. we have a problem with prevention of exercising our rights to liberty and freedom.

When a foreign country can hold us hostage to their right to poison us or else, we have a problem with prevention of exercising our rights to freedom and liberty. The fearful will grovel and beg and continue to allow a foreign entity to control us. I say let them. We will recover. Will they?

When immigrants come to this country without documentation, they are automatically treated better than citizens because they are not subject to our laws. They can vie for jobs at lower rates than we, as citizens can do, because they are not subject to our labor laws which determine our fair wages. They don’t have to pay taxes. They don’t have to do many of the things that are required of us, as citizens to do, because they are outside the government… the government that is supposed to protect the interests of this country and promote the general welfare of this country. Instead we are subsumed in our leaders’ desires to pander to the desires of other countries, such as China’s palming off substandard goods onto us or Mexico determining that our sovereignty is less important than its desire to shirk its own responsiblity for its citizens.

I could go on and on about the abuses that are being committed against us by our own government but those abuses have been hashed and rehashed over and over without any clear solutions because we avoid the only solution that will really make a difference. Instead, I will remind you of this: The Declaration of Independence.

This nation has become the trash dump of the world while our government erodes our liberties and rights slowly and carefully, conferring the highest honors on those who are enemies to liberty and freedom. Our government has become royalty without titles, an elite class to whom the rest of us must plead for our rights established under the Constitution that formed the basic principles for the establishment of this nation’s government. They deny us while continuing their excesses and licenses against our persons. If they can’t control us any other way, they will starve us out by raising taxes on the necessary things we need to exist in this age while promoting impossible immediate goals causing shortages of a necessity, such as food here and here, while they allow other countries to poison us with bad products.

Our government is bought by the highest bidders while we pay the salaries that allow it to auction us off. What is wrong with this picture? Our government treats us as if we’re too stupid to know and in one sense they are right. They have been doing this for decades. It is only now when they have no fear of reprisal they are open about what they do and intend to do.

Enough is enough.

August 2007


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