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Daily Archives: August 3, 2007

I couldn’t help myself. This made me snicker a bit after which the sadness set in. Back in the seventies, some studies were done about diet and obesity. What was found was poor people didn’t have access to the better cuts of meat because they were too expensive, resulting in a preponderance of eating too much food with  excess fat content. I’ve already mentioned other factors that may affect weight and/or weight loss but none of that really matters to the powerful, right?

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure… from a condition of having unrestained high blood pressure for a number of years. Now, during all this time I was seeing doctors who kept shoving pills at me that weren’t working. I got two minutes of their time every month for years while they got to bill not only me a copay but the insurance company for high priced doctor visits, while I continued to have problems with my blood pressure. Those problems culminated in an incident that almost killed me. The ER doctor said another 24 hours and I would have been brought in by ambulance to the morgue rather than by my husband to the ER. Now, anyone who has ever had an episode with CHF can tell you what it’s like when even the tiniest movement of your finger can cause you NOT TO BE ABLE TO BREATHE. All because of doctors who didn’t do their jobs in the first place, were dismissive of me because of my weight, not losing weight to their specifications, and the fact that all they wanted was the money from the visits.

I spent three days in the hospital during which I was pumped full of heart medication and a powerful diuretic. I lost twenty pounds of excess weight in those three days. I was put on a low sodium diet as part of a regime to live with congestive heart failure for the rest of my life, effectively cutting me off from the least expensive foods in the grocery stores. My grocery bill trippled in less than a month as I switched out regular items for low to no added sodium items. Fresh fruit and vegetables cost more than a pound of flesh, including poultry.  On top of that, I was told my good cholesterol was too low and I needed to eat a lot of fish for the Omega3 benefits, but not the canned varieties like tuna because they contained too much sodium. It should be fresh or frozen, furthering upping my grocery bill.

Why? Because the healthy stuff that we told we must consume costs more, plain and simple. Why? Because those providing the goods charge more for healthy. Now, the government wants to further regulate what we can eat and how we can look to receive treatment? Yes, I know, someone will come along and point out this was in the U.K. However, this is exactly what Clinton and company intend to do with their time in office, if they get elected to the White House.

There was a time when fresh produce was less costly than canned or frozen varieties. In the country, you can process your own food and save a bundle. In the city, everything is dictated by demand. Some of us have no choice and it’s either starvation or overweight. Which would you choose? It’s not always or even the majority of the time about being lazy or greedy but what you can afford. I’d like to force some of these doctors to live on the amount of money the majority of us live on and see how healthy they stay when they’re told they have to do that kind of stuff on that amount of income.

There was a time when fresh produce cost less than a box of hamburger helper and other such quick fixins… until the government and the medical association got involved and changed the market. Then the healthy stuff skyrocketed in price while the quick  not very healthy foodstuff became standard fair for millions who couldn’t no longer afford a simple bag of apples or head of lettuce… the old price and demand conundrum that socialist Democrats and Republicans never seem to be able to grasp. Make it more desirable or mandatory, then jack up the price.

 Just some thoughts on the “healthcare crisis”.

August 2007


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